The online survey giant Qualtrics announced the addition of bitcoin reward mechanism

The online survey giant Qualtrics announced the addition of bitcoin reward mechanism

The survey service online large software company Qualtrics announced the addition of bitcoin reward mechanism, let those involved in the investigation of the company can get bitcoin reward.


Qualtrics is located in the state of Utah, completed a $150 million B round of financing in 2014, the company is currently worth about $1 billion, with more than 700 employees, investors including Sequoia Capital partners. The addition of the bitcoin reward mechanism is through bitcoin payment processor Snapcard and the digital platform Award Tango Card teamed up to achieve.


Want to get bitcoin reward the user must first log in to the Qualtrics platform, and then began to participate in the investigation of Qualtrics. Once the user in the Qualtrics score reached 50 points, then they will receive a gift of Tango Card code, the code can be gifts for Amazon Gift Cards and Target gifts and bitcoin.


Mike, director of strategic studies Qualtrics? Moen (Mike Maughan) said that by providing bitcoin reward, the company’s customers will be attracted to the younger generation, the Millennium generation, this generation is becoming more and more important.


Moen told CoinDesk:


“Millennials are the most familiar and most likely to become a generation of bitcoin wave. Many millennials are at the forefront of the development of bitcoin, so they are many companies want to know.”

“This is not mandatory,” he said.” If they have any doubts about bitcoin, so they can choose the gift exchange code for gift cards.”


This decision Qualtrics has become a company, bitcoin reward by Tango Card last week, the Microsoft Corp’s Award (Bing Rewards) will be also announced a partnership with Tango Card, let Bing search engine users have the opportunity to win the bonus points will be worth $500 bitcoin.

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