The opening of the Iran mining area: the turmoil in the Middle East, the US sanctions, and the “Redemption” of the miners in Iran

Seeing Guo Hongcai offering a reward for the 100 bitcoin to buy the cheapest power station around the world, Li Ming found him.

That two days, more than 400 people around the world uncovered Guo Hongcai’s “emperor list”, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and so on, a large number of competition in the hands of Li Ming in Iran to find 4 cents of the electricity once the final victory.

In the early November, Tehran just entered the winter, and the mountains were slightly snowy in the distance. Li Ming has been busy on the way to find electricity for Guo Hongcai and Guo Hongcai’s call. He did business in Iran for more than 10 years, and in Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran, he met a large power station supervisor.

The main factors that affect miners and miners are the currency price and the electricity price. In a few months, bitcoin has fallen, and Mao Shihang, the founder of the F2Pool fish pool, told Odaily daily that 6 of the world’s mining machines have been shut down because of the drop in the currency price.

Several large mineral pools monitoring the mine machine “currency price” map, with the price of electricity 4 once for example, each with a round of currency price falls, the increase of several types of mine machine from profit to loss. However, in fact, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other areas of electricity are relatively concentrated, the price of electricity is generally at 4~6 Mao once.

A large number of miners turned off the miners and sold them at a low price and dropped out of the “River”, but some people, such as Guo Hongcai, still have capital reserves, tried to find a place with low prices to continue digging.

In this situation, to go to Iran to find electricity, as the running in Iran to find the circuit of Li Ming recently felt, is forming a growing team. “Electricity” now means time and money. Before the price of the currency fell below the “Iran shutdown price”, people wanted to pick up their miners as soon as possible to continue to dig bitcoins.

However, it is Iran, a middle east country sanctioned by the United States, with complex historical, religious, political and customs backgrounds. Half a year ago, the Iran French currency Riyal slumped and the economic situation was unstable because of the US sanctions.

More people in the industry said that Iran had suddenly confiscated foreign mines, “it is possible to go and do not return, and finally to others to marry clothes.”

Behind all the complicated factors, the way to Iran to open the mine is doomed to not be smooth.

Set up 500 people “Iran search for electricity” group

Li Ming met the director of the Azerbaijan power station at a large power plant in the border between Iran and Turkey. He wore a light brown suit with a Muslims beard. In this Islamic state, the beard is like the oath of loyalty to the religion of the country.

This is the third power plant Li Ming has been inspecting for two months, and this tour began with his “uncovering the list of the emperor.”

In October 22nd, Guo Hongcai (the coin circle called “the second Lord of the treasure”) micro-blog called the global search for low price electricity, introducing a successful award of 100 bits. 4 days later, Guo Hongcai sent micro-blog video, received more than 400 messages, and finally found a country in the Middle East, with 4 cents a kilowatt hour, calling for friends to visit the mine. This place is Iran, under the sanctions of the United States.

Electricity is now the biggest cost of mining. (Note: each round of the bitcoin system has a difficult problem. The problem person can get the new bitcoin and bookkeeping fee of this round. The greater the power of the problem, the greater the possibility of solving the problem. This process is called “mining”, the earliest use of computer graphics card can be used, with the increasing difficulty of calculation, people later developed a special algorithm for the Asic mining machine, it has a strong calculation ability, but the corresponding power consumption is very high.

Since this year, the currency market has continued to fall, and the income of mining is gradually shrinking. The avalanche at the end of November was “the last straw of the die mine.” In 10 days, the price of bitcoin dives from $6500 to $3600, breaking down the shutdown price – at such a price, it is worth the cost, not as good as the cost. The founder of the mine said that six or seven of the miners would leave the field in the “cold winter”.

Since this year, the domestic supervision of mine field is also tightening, the cost of electricity prices of miners is still rising, and the price of some mines is 6 gross, 8 hair, or even more than 1.

Li Ming these two weeks in the reception of domestic friends to find electricity, the return of the data to see that Iran’s civil electricity price is 4 cents, the lowest price can even reach 3 cents.

The first reaction of Han Shier, the miner, was, “that means we can start and make a lot of money.”

The profit of Digg money or bitcoin mainly depends on the price of the coin. The cost includes the buying machine, the electricity fee and the site fee of the mine. Among them, the electricity fee is the big head of the cost. The price of the miner affects the cycle of the coal mine.

At the beginning of the year, the price of bitcoin was over twenty thousand dollars for a time, and it continued to decline after the Spring Festival. According to the F2pool fish pool price announced, according to the price of 4 cents, the ant T9 mining machine (12.5T), the Avalon A741, the Shenma miner M3+ reduced frequency version and the ant mine machine S7 (4.05T) four mining machines have dropped the price of the shutdown currency at the end of November.

That is to say, the electric charges used by these miners to dig out a bit of bitcoin have exceeded the market price of the bitcoin, and have not yet counted the fees and labor charges.

Now, S9, once recognized as the most cost-effective model, has reached the edge of the shutdown price. People in the industry have estimated that more than half of the operating miners in the market are ant S9.

When the income of mining is generally lower than the cost, the “mine disaster” is coming, and the low electricity price in Iran makes the miners at home.

“To hear the low price of electricity, the second Lord of the reaction is very strong, said that there will be a lot of people to visit.” Li Ming told the Odaily daily.

That day Guo Hongcai drew up a Iran search for the theme of the docking group, within a few hours, the members reached 500 in the group, Li Ming’s identity is “Iran expert”.

For a few weeks, Li Ming received an endless stream of inquiries from the country and received several miners who went to Iran.

The Odaily daily also learned that there are many big mine owners and mining investors at home, or have already completed the Iran trip, or in the plan, or continue to pay attention.

Zhang Wen, a mining investor, has set up a mining site at the local level, even as soon as next month.

“Domestic people, they are very urgent to come out, because to be in the country is facing the loss of money.” Li Ming said.

Redeem each other

Domestic mines need “electricity from Iran” to save the report, and Iran also needs trading partners to save the economy and dollar reserves.

Iran has the world’s highest natural gas reserves. The data shows that Iran’s natural gas reserves are 34 trillion cubic meters, the fifth of the United States is 10 trillion and 400 billion, and a Iran natural gas content is quite three US.

Sufficient reserves of natural gas mean low electricity prices. According to the news of Iran in 2009, Iran (Tavanir) Electric Power Development Co said Iran’s industrial electricity price is 2 cents a degree, 1/6 of the world’s average.

Iran electricity price, which was originally low, has been devalued this year again.

Li Ming told Odaily Daily: “the original electricity price in Iran was about 1 cents, 6 cents. After the sanctions, the Iran French Riyal fell sharply, and the RMB was only 4 cents.”

Zhang Wen, who was just back from Iran, gave an example to the Odaily daily.

“We live in the best local hotel, the national foot to Iran to live in that house, before the sanctions of each room is equivalent to RMB 1200 RMB, this time I was booked on Ctrip, only 366 yuan.” At one time, he didn’t believe it, and he made several calls to confirm the price.

As the film “escaping Tehran” shows, the Islamic revolution occurred in Iran in 1979, and then the American hostage crisis broke out, and the relations between the two countries broke down. The United States has also begun a continuing economic sanctions against Iran. The sanctions were once exempted from the nuclear Iraq agreement, but this year the United States announced a reopening of the sanctions against Iran.

The first sanctions came into force in August, involving the purchase of dollars by the government of Iran; the second round of sanctions was restarted in November 5th, involving energy, transport, foreign financial institutions and the Bank of the Iran.

Iran’s economy is dominated by oil exports, and now the economy is hindered, and the currency devaluates. In short, the same RMB can be changed to more Riyals, and travel costs are cheaper; for the local people, it means factory shutdown and unemployment. Zhang Wen has even met some people at the gate of the Central Bank of Iran to protest against the devaluation of currency and the rise in prices.

“At present, factories in many industrial areas in Iran are in a state of shutdown.” Zhang Wen described it as “the depression.” Their mine is in the south of Germany and black. It is a factory that has been shut down recently.

Riyal plunged, the official exchange rate was in a state of death, and there was not a lot of local people to change. The exchange rate between the black market and the official exchange rate is 4 times different.

In October, Chen Peng, a cloud computing operator, visited Iran for about half a month. He told Odaily daily that when he was in Tehran, $1 could be changed to about 30 thousand Riyal, then 45 thousand, and finally 155 thousand.

He changed his two backpacks out of money for twenty thousand dollars, and went out every time.

The new round of dollar sanctions not only makes Iran’s electricity lower, but also makes Iran all the country short of dollars.

The people of Iran are more likely to hold dollars because of the serious devaluation of the Riyal; the Iran central bank is unable to accept US dollar remittances for being sanctioned by the United States, but the dollar is also an important medium of international trade, so it is also seriously short of the dollar.

According to the local people, the Central Bank of Iran has paid a lot of cost to get the dollar.

“Can you imagine how they get the dollar?” It’s very primitive. ” Zhang heard the high official of Iran said that the central bank used human resources to transport dollar notes from Dubai. The seemingly absurd act is true. Charles is a “dollar Porter” serving the Central Bank of Iran, and it needs a licensed bank to do it.

He needs to raise money to take dollar cash first from the Bank of Dubai. “We’ll get the money back from a box in Dubai.”

Charles will take a box and go to Dubai. “It can only take one box at a time. It can take 1 million 500 thousand, 5 million, and 7 million dollar bills according to the size of the box. It is more safe to buy a seat in return and put the trunk full of US dollars.”

He also stressed that the cheaper the better the box, because then it was directly given to the Central Bank of Iran. As soon as the plane goes out, the people of the Central Bank of Iran wait to take this big box of money and deliver the receipt.

The Iran government is also studying digital money mines and exchanges, according to people familiar with the matter. According to industry analysts, the exchange may help the Iran central bank to avoid dollar sanctions and exchange dollars through digital money. It is rumored that Russia and other countries are considering the use of encrypted currency to avoid American sanctions.

“So, now the situation is that the bitcoin mining area is wide, large electricity consumption, can become a large customer of the local power plant; foreign customers can bring a large number of dollars. For the depression and the limited trade in Iran, the coming of the mine is also the one in the snow. ” A digital currency practitioner who has been in Iran for many years said.

In his view, Iran and the miners who are looking for cheap electricity to survive the world can be said to be “redeeming each other”.

Unrestrained and rich art

The digital money industry seems to be able to ease the depth of Iran’s economy, but there are not many people who dare to go to Iran.

“The money is rich, and the flowers are not.” A miner joked.

“I’m not going. I’ll go to the United States.” Zhang Wen’s invitation was rejected by his colleagues.

“The girl better still don’t go.” The owner of the mine, which is going to visit Iran next month, warned the Odaily Daily reporter.

All of this is due to the complex political and turbulent situation in Iran.

Iran, once known as Paris of the East, once westernized, but the mixture of westernization and autocracy led to the Islamic revolution of 1979, and the policy of “comprehensive Westernization” became “all Islamization”.

In 1979, Iran adopted the national vote to formulate the Islamic constitution and put into practice a system of unity of politics and religion, with the doctrine of the Shiite Shiite (the twelve Imam school).

The unique system, American sanctions plus Iran, which is in the Middle East of the war, and the impression of Iran are traditional, turbulent and religious. Several of the expedition to Iran were dissuaded by their families before their departure.

But when they came back, they all said that there was an accident where it was safe. “The locals need to do business with foreigners, and they are very welcome to the Chinese people.”

“The locals see the Chinese, just as we saw foreigners in the 80s of last century. But they are particularly welcome to Chinese tourists. We return to the toll station at the high speed roadside. Several big brothers know that we are in China, and we invite us to their homes. Zhang Wen told the Odaily daily that they must not be invited to catch the plane. They can only take pictures with the local people.

China is an important oil exporter in Iran. Local guides also told Zhang that the local government’s propaganda in the mass media would make them feel that China has given Iran a lot of help. Chatting to the impression of Iran before his departure, Zhang was also conscious and funny.

“I’m afraid before I go, but the boss says you have to go in person, or it can’t be pushed down. I can only go to the scalp. “

He also thought that Iran was a traditional and dangerous country, and then he found a lot of misunderstandings about the country.

“But something is the custom of others, and you still have to respect it.” On the way to the south of Tehran, Chang Wen saw the scenery of the roadside and took a picture. I didn’t expect to be reprimended by two local men who were picnics on the roadside and asked them to delete the photos. It turned out that Zhang Wen took the two women in the picture.

“In the local area, if you have a picture with a single woman, you need to go through her own consent; if you take a wife or a girlfriend, you have to go through that man’s consent.” The wife belongs to a man’s property, Zhang said. “Just like this computer is yours, I have a picture to ask you.”

Zhang Wen was deeply impressed by the heavy makeup of the local women and the gauze on his nose. In public places, a woman can show only one face. The beautiful body and skin were covered under the robe. The need for the charm of the outside world is crowded on this face so that Iran becomes the world ‘s “whole nose country”.

Li Ming, who spent more than 10 years in Iran, said in an interview that the country was demonized.

“Women wear headscarves, men can not wear vests, otherwise the road of the weathered police can take measures at any time.” Li Ming said that the domestic customs are only limited by local regulations; in his eyes, real Iran people are free and free and artistic.

“No one will put Islam in the mouth every day. The young people in Iran have gone to church very little. ” Tradition is dissipating in the younger generation.

So, in Li Ming and Zhang Wen, the risk of going to the mine in Iran is not the safety of the person, but the safety of the machine itself.

The operation is difficult and the risk is great

Not only can each other “send off in the snow”, but also get rid of the myth of “personal safety”, so is it possible to go to Iran to open a mining field?

In fact, it is not easy to actually land a bitcoin ground in Iran, with great policy risk, difficulty in compliance and operation, and exchange rate fluctuations.

First of all, regulatory attitude and compliance are a major problem. It is understood that, for the digital currency related products, the Iran regulatory layer is still studying, and there are no foreign compliance mines built by foreigners at present.

The machine was suddenly confiscated by Zhang Wenyou’s friends in a small local mining area. In addition, the armed forces in Iran are divided into two branches, the government forces and the revolutionary guards who are absolutely obedient to the supreme leader, which are more powerful and master the main economy of Iran.

It’s easy to get a cheap electricity, and it’s not easy to get a compliance electricity. Li Ming said that Iran’s civil comprehensive electricity price is about 4 cents, and specific contact with the power station can get civil electricity prices.

“3~6 money is available in Iran, but is not a compliance?” Zhang Wen told the Odaily daily that the electricity price system in Iran is extremely complex, not only for civilian and industrial electricity, but also in higher peaks, daily and low levels, more than 30 megabytes more expensive.

He says a few cents of electricity in Iran is true. “China also has, just like the Sichuan mountains, basins and power plants in private cooperation with the hydropower, not national electricity. Iran’s electricity is cheap, but it also has the possibility of loss of assets, if there is no resources, it is easy to be buckled. “

So, this month, Zhang Wen, with his clients, visited the local high officials in Iran, hoping to talk about the low price of the electricity.

“We do not want to find a power plant alone, and once the changes occur, it is easy to make a difference, so we should try to conform to the rules.” Zhang Wen expects electricity to be 500 thousand degrees per hour (about 300 thousand miners) per hour in the future, with an investment of more than $20 million.

The electricity consumption of this scale makes the local officials surprised and happy, and it is simply a delivery to a country that is short of the dollar.

They talked to Zhang on an average of more than 10 Fen of the industrial electricity use and promised to license plates.

“Compared with the domestic price of shutdown, it is more than enough. In foreign countries, the safety of compliance is the first. We also have to be responsible for the customers. ” Zhang Wen said.

He is going to go to Iran again in December to advance the license plate. If everything goes well, he expects the mine to start at the fastest time in a month.

The low price has, the compliance also has, second questions come, how do you pay the electricity bill?

The international settlement system, SWIFT, has stopped serving the Central Bank of Iran, the equivalent of the dollar in official channels with Iran.

“Under this round of sanctions, the only window of China’s trade in Iraq is closed by the Bank of Kunlun.” Zhang Wenshuo: “if the Chinese are to do business with Iran, they can only pass through the underground banks.”

The way it works is like the usual primitive: the money hits the bank account in Dubai and then comes back to someone else, otherwise it can only be placed abroad.

The reason for the lack of US dollars in Iran is that the normal channel has not been given to the local dollar. If there is no local resources, this operation may be a big problem.

In addition, the industry is concerned that the changes in the international situation may also affect the local electricity price. “Today the United States can restart the sanctions, and tomorrow he can stop the sanctions.” If that is the case, once there is a miner in the area, it will be troublesome.

“The machine that went out was not going to come back,” a miner said, both solemn and hearty, to put some out of the machine outside, that is, to sell it.

“Open mines in Iran, the advantage is that electricity is cheap, the disadvantage is the sanctions of the state. In fact, it is suitable for individuals to do, and big companies are afraid of being sanctioned. Zhang Wen summed up. He added, “do not dare to do too much, fear that the local people know that it is the first to do security abroad.”

“There’s no good assessment over there, good bad words.” Some of the domestic owners are still watching. After all, the situation in Iran is not acceptable to everyone, as an industry person engaged in the trusteeship of miners said, “profits are in direct proportion to risk.”

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