The other Tether executives back to Bloomberg: please rest assured that bitcoin has not been manipulated investors

Golden Finance bitcoin news November 25th Tether LLC, Chief Compliance Officer Leonardo Rio (Leonardo Real) believes that in the past few weeks, many of the media companies and their cooperative banks deliberately released malicious reports. In a recent interview, Leonardo Rio reiterated the stable currency by $USDT endorsement, and has obtained the New York accounting firm Friedman LLP and Washington Freeh SporkinSullivan clarification report of accounting firms.

Bitcoin has not been manipulated

According to the latest report from Bloomberg and a number of independent researchers released some encryption currency traders in the manipulation of the price of bitcoin Tether. In June this year, the University of Texas professor John Griffin (John Griffin) released a research paper, which claims that the stable currency Tether (USDT) can be used to stabilize the price of bitcoin (or manipulation). This Monday (November 20th), the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) officially launched the investigation on Tether, and said they suspected during the bull market at the end of 2017 encryption currency manipulation, pull the bit currency prices.

Leonardo Rio said that if the Tether is not linked to the dollar, it may be used to manipulate the price of bitcoin, because Tether is the most widely used encryption using a stable currency money market, so that USDT itself is a problem of lack of market demand. He explained:

“The Bloomberg report released by citing a no real data to support independent research report, the report says that if no USDT and dollar anchor, then bitcoin price manipulation. Then this research report is entirely dependent on this assumption, namely $Tether did not therefore have not been endorsed, traders demand full drive. This view is flawed, the report even called USDT transaction does not depend on the market demand driven — you know, USDT trading volume has been in the crypto currency industry ranked the top two, the University of Texas professor John Griffin’s view is ridiculous.”

In addition, Tether and Deltec credit cooperative bank Bank also sparked controversy in the industry. In November 6th, the headquarters located in the Bahamas Deltec Bank is suspected of involvement in the explosion of money laundering case in Venezuela, the report disclosed after two days, Deltec Bank said in a statement did not participate in this event, but also special emphasis on Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA financial planning executive director Abraham Edgardo Ortega never open an account in the bank, nor their customers.

Leonardo Rio added:

“Now a lot of media reports are false information, there may even be an organized malicious smear behavior. We are proud to work with Deltec Bank, their compliance and operational standards are the industry’s leading, and compliance functions are not affected in any way, also did not participate in any may pose a threat to the integrity of the illegal cases.”

Tether market demand is still very strong

Although the market there are still some Tether related disputes, but Leonardo Rio said that the current for the stable money demand is still very strong. He said:

The market demand for Tether is still strong and stable, there is no doubt that Tether is a stable currency market leading, because of its people to deal with encryption currency trading is very useful in exchange.”

However, the money market encryption of Tether’s suspicions did not disappear, mainly because they are still an unregulated currency stability. With the American market regulated, stable currency audit and Insurance Endorsement, Tether currently does not comply with U.S. regulatory requirements.

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