The payment service director Yan Ying: block chain technology through technical means to build trust mechanism is more simple

Alibaba in the blockchain patent on dazzling performance. As a major contributor to the blockchain ant payment service technology into many areas of cross-border transfers, electronic bills, traceability, insurance etc.. In combination with the block chain technology and the real economy, the ant block chain have more exploration and practice experience.

11 28, 2018 P.O.D New BlockTrend new potential block chain summit jointly sponsored by Odaily and the daily planet 36Kr group held in Beijing. At the meeting, the ant block chain technology director Yan Ying of the theme of “blockchain empowerment entities practice and thinking of” speech. Yan Ying talked about landing scene standards, advantages and potential; ant blockchain recently landed scene development achievements and technology and challenges.

 The payment service director Yan Ying: block chain technology through technical means to build trust mechanism is more simple

Yan Ying

The following is the speech summary:

First talk about trust. The payment service has been committed to using technology to create a better credit mechanism. Because trust, so simple. For example, 2004 launched by Alipay, we through the real-time wind control technology makes the payment success rate increased from 75% to more than 95%. For example, micro credit service, we have achieved 3 seconds for 1 seconds, the technology of artificial intelligence, artificial participation and so on lending 0. Push behind every product service cannot do without technology. Today, we have entered the digital era, digital financial needs of digital services. How safe, credible and efficient connected users, businesses and all service providers, and provides digital financial services, inclusive and sustainable is the direction of our efforts. We see the blockchain, give us such a possibility, it is connected with the infrastructure trust.

The ant block chain in the empowerment entity to do a lot of practice. We choose the blockchain scene what is the standard? Of course, not to block the chain and chain block. In fact, the answer is a, a scene to do it is to see whether the creation of customer value. Only to find the user value, the value chain can block more in-depth and sustainable.

The scene is divided into 3 categories, chain, chain retail and financial chain life. For example, our cross-border remittance, medical bills, electronic prescriptions, 11 during the double 150 million product traceability, judicial evidence etc.. The chain of life is not so far, it has come.

Support so many scenes need to block chain platform efficient, stable and safe, privacy protection. Here, we have to talk about the ant block chain platform. The ant is a block chain block chain alliance platform independent research and development, financial level. The modular design, and provides the core algorithm according to different scene environment configuration and business needs. A universal platform is difficult in all the scenes are optimized. The modular design provides a great space for the optimization of scene driving. Overall, the blockchain technical challenges including performance, universal and efficient privacy scheme, security, contract and performance, the complexity of the cross chain chain to chain data can verify the access and how to do the chain alliance management etc.. The ants in the above challenges in practical scenarios have the core technology breakthrough. For example, what is the reason why there are so many block chain technical challenges? Because it itself is to solve the trust, its architecture without trust assumptions. So, you see, block chain system, usually your data I want to deposit a copy, you calculated the transaction again I want to calculate to verify the performance, and it is difficult to protect the privacy. If in some scenarios, there are plausible assumptions we can on the node hardware, so have a lot of space complexity and performance improvement framework.

The blockchain scene expand cannot do without ecological, what is good ecology? Block chain ecological scene driving is a good ecological environment, including the entity to solve pain points, creating value and sustainable mode. In order to create a better environment, we launched a partner program, which includes professional training, business empowerment and marketing. At the same time, we also launched the cooperation plan, is willing to work with experts and scholars together in the core technology of the blockchain with scene breakthrough. Finally, we know in business and technical challenges ahead, look forward to working with all of you together with the chain collaboration, to the future!

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