The Phantom Market: The First Dapp in the World to Integrate Time Trading with Blockchain

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On January 7, 2018, the 360 ​​Financial Blockchain Research Center, the Qtum Quantum Chain and the New Bitcoin (BTN) Foundation jointly announced that they will conduct deep cooperation in the underlying technical area of ​​the blockchain and set up the Technology Base Lab for the Blockchain , To promote China’s blockchain technology research and development and scene landing. This is the second big action made by Internet leader after Stormwind Media and Meitu.n
Media comment Blockchain technology is the fourth largest technology behind disruptive impact on human life after steam engine, power and Internet. At present, blockchain technology is popularized all over the world and Kenya has widely used blockchain technology in all aspects of life – science and technology, medical treatment, criminal investigation and finance …n
In recent years, the blockchain technology among the various areas. Its decentralized and distributed storage is bound to be widely used in every corner of the world in the future. Blockchain technology to be universal, it means that society will enter a new era.n
Although this 360 action caused quite a stir in the industry, but in fact, as early as a few months ago, a project has been involved in the block chain 360 before the field.n
The Phantom Market, which was mentioned earlier in the 360, is a blockbuster project on the blockchain technology that Daimings has developed to allow Dapp to trade time as a “commodity.” (Dapp is a decentralized application that runs on a distributed network where participant information, privacy is securely stored and protected, and decentralized through network nodes.)n
Their original intention was to solve the unemployment problem for the unemployed. According to the survey, among the unemployed in the world, more than 35% of young people are unemployed in 2017, including a large number of freshmen and women.n
How to solve such a serious problem? This is a headache for the government. However, the team believes that as long as you have time and have the ability or skills, you can create more value. Within Daman’s market, Dapp, everyone can profit by selling their own time and skills, which not only solves the problem of unemployment for the unemployed but also promotes social stability.n
In order to ensure the safety of users’ funds, privacy, information and transactions, the market of the Phantasy has adopted the third-generation blockchain based on trading engine and the blockchain platform of enterprise-Beidou Chains, so that all transactions are monitored by all network nodes, each transaction is encrypted and recorded in the blockchain, ensuring the credibility of each transaction. All transactions for the user in the Phantasy Market are conducted using Lightning Ant Pay (LAP).n
The time trading function of the phantom market not only solves the work demand of the unemployed population, but also promotes the social stability and security to a certain extent. The contribution to the society and the economy is incalculable. It is no exaggeration to say that the concept of time trading proposed by Dapp, the market for the ants, has never been thought of before, and when a huge market of years worth of time appears in front of people, the enormous business opportunities it contains Will lead the development of the entire economic system.n
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