The policy of Japan’s new weekly | virtual currency “corporate tax”; establish credit evaluation mechanism of supply chain block chain utilization in Shijiazhuang city; France or within three years to invest five hundred million euros block chain (12.7-12.14)

This week, the block chain and digital currency related favorable policies.

China, Shijiazhuang city issued a document, the establishment of the supply chain credit evaluation mechanism based on block chain technology; Ministry of justice official website released “on the release of 2018 national rule of law and legal theory research project project notice”, a project with the chain block.

Abroad, India will launch a virtual currency or government support; in France or in the next three years will invest five hundred million euros to block chain; the Russian State Duma plan at the end of the year by the encryption monetary regulation bill; the Central Bank of Kuwait announced plans to build the State Encryption currency and payment system.

Currency market

Bitcoin BTC reported $3318.6 in 7 days, up and down -2.72%;

Reboxetine currency XRP reported $0.29761, within 7 days of decline up to -1.78%;

The etheric Fang ETH at $86.09, within 7 days of decline up to +0.30%;

The above currency market data acquisition time is 19:16 on December 14, 2018.

Source: website Chinese station

This week the focus

Domestic plate

A good news

Shijiazhuang city issued a document, using the block chain technology to establish a credit evaluation system based on Supply Chain

In December 12th, the office of the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s government issued the “opinions on promoting innovation and application of supply chain”. “Opinions” pointed out that Shijiazhuang city will strengthen the credit supervision, strengthen the credit rating, credit records, risk warning, illegal acts of dishonesty and other information disclosure and sharing, use block chain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, establish credit evaluation system based on supply chain. Involved in all aspects of the supply chain integration of market access, customs, quality inspection and other policies to strengthen the supply chain risk management, innovation management mechanism, promote the healthy and stable development of the supply chain.

Two, steadily

The Ministry of Justice issued a research project, and block chain

The official website of the Ministry of Justice issued “on the 2018 release of the annual national rule of law and legal theory research project project notice”, approved projects 143, twenty-seventh of which is “Research on crime data block chain technology”.

International Forum

A good news

India will launch a virtual currency or government support

Appointed by the government of India drafted a set of encryption currency standard panel on Friday to the Minister of finance report. The team from the India Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg leadership, the team will review the draft report in December “and virtual currency bill”. The sources said, taking into account the global development of the virtual currency, the team might propose virtual currency government support.

Russian media: Russian State Duma plan at the end of this year through the encryption monetary regulation bill

According to the Russian industry and the encryption block chain association (RACIB) official telegraph group news, the Russian State Duma Financial Markets Committee Chairman Aksakov announced during the international forum, the State Duma plan at the end of this year through the encryption monetary regulation bill. But he did not specify what particular items are discussed. The State Duma is discussing 3-9 bills, some of which relates to the field of regulatory chain blocks.

The Central Bank of Kuwait announced plans to build the State Encryption currency and payment system

The Central Bank of Kuwait announced plans to build the State Encryption currency and payment system. The bank is responsible for the Mohammad Y. Al-Hashel said that the cooperation with banks and payment services to create the Kuwait national payment system (KNPS), from 2020 to 2019 will be deployed in the country. The new system will include the government electronic banking services, encryption and automatic clearing currency.

The South Korean government next year will invest nearly 6 trillion won in the national information industry, block chain allocated 0.12%

In December 12th, the Korean Ministry of information and communication technology (MSIT) announced that next year, the South Korean government will invest 5 trillion and 788 billion 300 million won in the national information industry ($5 billion 100 million), than to increase by 9.2% this year. National information technology projects in support of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain technology, which block chain sector is expected to invest 7 billion 200 million won (about 0.12% of total investment).

The UAE central bank governor: the UAE and Saudi Arabia have begun to use digital currency for common development

According to Reuters news, the UAE central bank governor said the UAE and Saudi Arabia have begun to use digital currency joint development strategic plan, while working on the financial technology, the program will get the support of the legal and regulatory framework.

In France or in the next three years will invest five hundred million euros to block chain

According to the Coin Crypto Rama message, the French parliament will be in the future 3 years blockchain investment 5 billion euros ($5.67 billion). In addition, the parliamentary report further legal modifications include open bank accounts for the block chain of central enterprises, these enterprises must be registered in the French stock market regulator AMF.

The Spanish people’s party, the initiative of the Secretary General established the National Monetary Commission encryption

According to Cryptonews news, the Spanish people’s Party (PP) secretary general Teodoro Garcia Egea said, will introduce a draft bill in parliament, calls for regulation and encryption currency block chain technology. The bill calls for the establishment of a “national encryption currency Committee through the relevant business, supervision, training and exchange of encrypted currency and the blockchain, helping Spain to” avoid restricted by other countries relevant laws”. It is reported that Teodoro Garcia Egea was pro block chain technology, but there are still a lot of opposition People’s party, the bills need to get all the support possible by chance.

Two, advance

The South Korean Congress for the first time on the encryption currency debate

In December 10th, several members of Congress of national assembly in South Korea, South Korea Upbit, Bithumb and several other exchange executives together encryption currency held its first official debates. The debate points include: encryption currency transactions to establish transparency and efficiency, and the importance of encryption currency transactions in the importance of establishing the regulatory framework.

The Japanese Senate requirements for virtual currency levy tax separation 20%

The Japanese Senator Tomaki Kenshi launched the “change virtual currency system meeting, conference on the four point proposal put forward tax reform: 1. changes from the comprehensive assessment of the maximum rate of 55% to 20% separate taxation; 2. allowable carryover loss; between 3. virtual currency transactions tax exemption; 4. small settlement is not taxed. In addition, the meeting called for “supporters” signed and submitted to congress.

Data: so far this year 8 month, the U.S. SEC 12 ICO announced at least related to punishment and event review

Since August this year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced at least 12 ICO related punishment and event review. In the event of punishment, the penalty amount of beauty SEC implementation is between 30 thousand to 3 million U.S. dollars; the object of punishment coverage, including 3 encryption currency trading platform, 3 suspected fraud of ICO enterprises, 2 of the ICO project, 2 asset management company or the fund and for personal action, a block chain company.

Venezuela has forced residents pension payment for oil currency conversion

According to Coindesk reports, the Venezuelan government has forced the residents pension payment into the oil money, while the previous pension by the country to pay Bolivar yuan. The user will be connected to the oil Money Wallet pension portal to withdraw funds, and the oil currency convertible into Bolivar. The Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro in 8 months of this year for the first time that may be used for the country’s oil money pension system.

The FSA eleventh encryption currency exchange seminar will discuss the financial derivatives transaction subject seven

In December 14th, Japan’s financial services agency held the eleventh encryption currency seminar, conference information, the seminar topics include: the coping style of 1. virtual currency exchange challenges: to strengthen the management and protection of client assets, ensure business compliance; 2. encryption currency unfair spot trading of coping style; coping style 3. encryption currency custody business; 4. encryption monetary and financial derivatives trading coping style; coping style 5.ICO; transitional measures 6. introduction of industry rules; 7. “virtual currency” (virtual currency) call to “encryption assets” (a assets). Japanese media reported that the seminar consists of seven general issues, is the most abundant in the previous conference time, may be the last time the theme of the seminar.

Three, regulatory upgrades

The Israeli tax bureau to encrypt money investors do not have to pay income tax for a ticket

In the past period of time, the Israeli tax bureau (ITA) without warning to engage in encryption assets trading or investment but did not pay income taxes drove hundreds of tax tickets. In the field of Israeli law, encryption currency is regarded as financial assets. This means that the encryption currency owner must pay the tax 25-30%.

British financial regulators may prohibit the retail customer encryption CFD

The UK financial conduct authority issued announcement suggestions for CFDs (CFD) currently sold to retail customers including models are modified and require the company to leverage and incentive measures to eliminate the limits of the contract monetary and non monetary transactions, to encourage the intention. Encryption currency, FCA hopes to completely ban CFDs in retail oriented.

Holland’s central bank hopes to prevent money laundering through encryption supervision company

According to CCN reports, the Central Bank of Holland De Nederlandsche Bank hopes the encryption companies obtain a license to regulate such companies. The central bank said the measures to prevent money laundering and the use of encryption currency to fund terrorism. I hope to obtain a license to encryption companies must report unusual transactions, and know their customers.

The Japanese government announced the 2019 fiscal year “tax reform outline”, the new virtual currency “corporate tax”

In December 14th, the Japanese government announced the 2019 fiscal year “tax reform outline”, new records confirmed that the virtual currency “corporate tax”, from April 1, 2019 onwards calculation. The Japanese government has previously said that in recent years, the IRS has to establish the mechanism of virtual currency exchange query, Name address and other personal information, and bring it to the 2019 annual “ruling party tax reform outline”, the main face of the annual income of more than 10 million yen traders.

The French financial regulatory agencies announced the trading platform blacklist, partial encryption currency broker platform included

12 13, the French financial market authority (AMF) and the French Prudential Regulation Authority (ACPR) announced trading platform blacklist. The list of new 30 platform, including foreign exchange, binary options and encryption money broker platform. AMF said, these platforms without authorization to provide services to domestic investors, is a criminal offense; and warned investors not to participate in the activities of the platform.

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