The Portuguese commercial banks withdraw bitcoin transactions blocked

The Portuguese commercial banks withdraw bitcoin transactions blocked

Banks tend to prevent users to buy and sell bitcoin, in the past few years it has become a global phenomenon. Even the big banks like the Bank of Santander also can not resist the “grimace”. A Portuguese Branch Bank of Santander because it is facing strong resistance, which prompted them to reconsider their position. The result is, the branch can now block processing associated with bitcoin transactions. It does show that if enough people complain, it can effectively change.


Most people think that Santander bank bitcoin is open, because the company in recent years on the block chain showed a strong interest. However, a single branch still can develop their own regulations.

For some reason, a Portuguese branch decided to prevent users from the purchase and sale of bitcoin. In particular to exchange Coinbase and Bitstamp transactions, ten times was blocked nine times. The branch of why this decision? This has been a mystery, this is not the first time such a story.

The Portuguese Bank of Santander created an interesting precedent

Some bank customers are not satisfied with the decision, they even put together a more than 1000 signature petition. Therefore, the Portuguese Parliament had to the petition for review, and the. The petition claims that the Bank of Santander to make this country from financial innovation, and some of these words seemed to resonate with members of Parliament. The bank branches will soon change your mind.

With the effect of this change, things began to change. The local branch will no longer prevent any associated with bitcoin transactions. Users can instantly transfer money to Bitstamp and Coinbase, there will not be any delay or additional costs.

This is a small victory in the crypto currency industry. Unfortunately, this story is also very rare. The branch is also possible in a few months before the decision again. At present, we should cherish the existing fruits of victory.

Other banks will continue in any possible way against bitcoin, even large banks will not relent in its development. For some reason, they think that consumers in the purchase or sale of bitcoin when you don’t know what they are doing.

Even so, this should be decided by the customer, not the bank’s top management. The commercial bank is certainly the right thing to do, but so far they are only an initial decision to change the bank. The other branch of the bank seems unlikely to adopt a similar approach.

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