The “post” bitcoin chain have low volatility, the securities times front page commentary refers to the plunge exposed Ponzi nature speculation

When the post 11 2018 chain. 27, as early as 8

Early details:

The chain was ChainDD11 27 market, more comprehensive index and trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $3687.09, down about 8.8% to 12 hours.

ETH Ethernet square at $105.72, down about 12 hours 9%.

BCH ABC at $175, down about 14% to 12 hours.

BCHSV reported $119.32, down about 8.6% to 12 hours.

XRP reboxetine currency at $0.35668, down about 12 hours 7.2%.

Dynamic chain ring:

The Bank of Abu Dhabi to complete the world’s first Islamic bond trading based on block chain

Headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates bank Al Hilal Bank announced the completion of the world’s first use of block chain technology Islamic bond trading. The so-called Islamic bond refers to sharia compliant bond investors, this kind of bond will not violate Islamic law.

Reuters reported that Al Hilal Bank uses a distributed books Technology (DLT), and the sale of a small part of the $500 million settlement for a period of five years in the Islamic bond market in two, the number of bonds worth $1 million sold to a private investor. Set up offices in Abu Dhabi the Swiss financial technology company Jibrel Network is involved in the transaction.

The report said: “the Al Hilal Bank goal is that by accepting the blockchain, and put it into their own infrastructure, innovation of Islamic bond market, paving the way for digital Islamic bond innovation.”

Dynamic currency circle:

Bitcoin continues to shock, once again approaching 14 month low in the morning

When the App display market chain, 27 days after 5:15, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT traded again fell below $3800, about 5:41 fell below $3710, once again approaching the record 25, the lowest level in 14 months, during which the other exchange bitcoin transaction price are below $3800

At present, most of the money an exchange bitcoin transaction price is back above $3800 in the last 24 hours, down about 6%. Tracking global Top50 exchange and Top50 encryption currency index recently fell to about 24 hours, nearly 0.5%.

When App news chain mentioned, after 27 day zero, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT trading below $3800, the last 24 hours fell over 3.5%, 25, 14 and approaching month low. 27 around 1, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT traded in less than half an hour to rebound more than $200, $3900 weight.

Bitcoin futures fell over 10% consecutive days the record low, approaching $3600

The United States in November 26th, two American exchange bitcoin futures contract fell over 10%, insurance keep the $3600 mark, second consecutive trading day hit a record low, the last trading day of the 23 day both fell below $4200, tired last week fell more than 20%, falling around.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC January futures contract fell more than 14.01%, to close at $3605, 23 fell more than 4.57%, to close at $4175, down more than 23.04% tired last week.

The largest U.S. options exchange Cboe XBT bitcoin futures January contract fell about 12.95%, to close at $3647.5, down 23, about 4.23%, to close at $4190, down about 22.66% tired last week.

Securities times front page commentary: bitcoin virtual currency speculation plunge exposed Ponzi nature

27, the Securities Times published on the front page entitled “bitcoin virtual currency speculation plunge exposed Ponzi nature” reporter review article, called for bitcoin led crypto currency recent slump, many analysts generally believe that the main or early speculation, bitcoin virtual currency to the top of the bubble. Currently bitcoin in a bear market, not good still can not support the current price. Bitcoin itself is unable to generate revenue, if there is no successor, selling stock market will be a persistent behavior, that is to say bitcoin prices will continue downward, and far in the end.

The article thinks, in fact, other encryption currency bitcoin even bubbles are not, because they are just a bunch of digital code no practical meaning, will not have any real value, investors buy just hope the next offer man will pay a higher cost, the income mainly comes from the spread, and this but it is a Ponzi scheme of wealth transfer only, because this speculative game need to have unceasingly successor to continue playing, once the collapse of investor confidence stop admission, the game will be difficult to continue, all the money will be encrypted to return to its original value: zero.

The tobacco store allowed the sale of bitcoin, three French regulators collective asset risk warning encryption

To obtain a license in the French Tobacco Association, allowing domestic tobacco stores sell bitcoin from January next year to consumers after the three regulatory bodies of the Bank of France, the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the French Prudential Supervision Bureau (ACPR) 26, jointly issued a warning to remind consumers to pay attention, and “speculative” encryption related risk assets.

The three agencies warned consumers hope risk investment and speculative assets that encryption, private investors do not mature is not well adapted to these risks. At present, purchase, sale and investment bitcoin is not in any regulated market.

The world’s third-largest pool: the past couple of weeks up to 80 million bitcoin miners shut down.

The world’s third largest mining pool F2Pool “pond” estimates, since 11 months, with bitcoin prices fell and the whole network is down about 600 thousand to 800 thousand miners shut down bitcoin mining business.

Coin founder Mao Shihang Desk said to the fish pond, the estimation results considering the whole network is decreased, and the old mill in the average profit in tough times. Some miners may because of the old models, so the suspension of mining. The fishpond miners of the miners revenue index shows that the average power is about 10TH/s, is expected to lose money now belongs to mining. data show that from November 10th to 24, the bitcoin network is from about 47 million TH/s to 41 million TH/s, a decline of nearly 13%. Mao Shihang said the pond in recent weeks bitcoin is down more than 10%, the whole network currently accounts for about 11.4%.

Investment bank RBC: currency collapse of encryption chip giant NVIDIA and AMD recently bearish

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)’s investment bank RBC Capital Markets believes that the crypto currency prices are likely to constitute a short-term pressure on NVIDIA and AMD, because “all GPU are unprofitable.” However, the agency said the long-term growth trend of the two companies did not change. In simple terms, as of last quarter, high quality GPU crypto currency mining is still profitable, but now, no GPU is profitable.”

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves wrote in the report, “the relevant revenue for the future encryption currency of a quarter, we remain cautious about.” Steves said that although encryption currency constitutes a “bad” recently “, but the long-term trend of the two companies have not changed.” Nvidia should benefit from artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automotive sector, AMD chipset and 7Nm chip in the framework of the new leadership, will contribute to the performance of CPU server.

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