The “post” chain have bitcoin 28 days four months, the biggest one-day gain, the next day was approaching $4400

When the morning chain as early as 8 in November 29, 2018.

Early details:

The chain was ChainDD11 29 market, more comprehensive index and trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $4229.48, 12 hours up to about 3.2%.

ETH Ethernet square at $121.57, 12 up to about 4.6% hours.

BCH ABC at $192.09, 12 up to about 3% hours.

BCHSV reported $102.36, down about 13% to 12 hours.

XRP reboxetine currency at $0.39006, 12 hours up to about 2.9%.

Dynamic chain ring:

Amazon launched cloud services management block chain products, Ethernet square and other two popular framework

Amazon cloud service AWS28 announced the launch of a new block chain service: quantum database (Quantum Ledger Database Books) and Amazon (Amazon Managed Blockchain block chain management). As the name suggests, the latter is to get the block chain service management, from the 28 day to support Ethernet Hyperledger workshop, Fabric will support a few months.

Amazon management block chain let users through the use of Ethernet and Hyperledger Fabric square, block chain network is easy to create and manage scalable. Just a few clicks the AWS management console, the user can create a block chain network. AWS CEO Andy Jassy said Amazon, this service will let users significantly enhance the two high popularity and convenience of the block chain framework. AWS promised that the service will be extended to support thousands of applications, allows users to run millions of transactions.

QLDB quantum books database is an encrypted authentication books database, comprehensive management by a trusted central organization, it can only be added, can not be tampered with, tracking all changes in the history of.

Jassy explained that some institutions interested in using the block chain is for two big reasons, some want to have a centralized trusted entity management books, the existing books need to reach a consensus, so the performance is less than expected. The two problem is to the center of the transaction processing need to be safe. AWS users now through new products can run two block chain framework.

Dynamic currency circle:

Bitcoin fell below $4300 an hour down over $150

When the App display market chain, near 29, 6 points, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT trading price fell over $150 in an hour or so, about 4:42 is above $4390, after 5:50 below $4300, the minimum fell below $4220, the last 24 hours or narrowed to about 9%, most of the other exchange bit currency prices in the $4250, 24 hours or less than 9%.

Bitcoin 4400 close to $5, a new high

When the App display market chain, close to 11 on Sept. 29 at 3:20, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT trading price rose above $4390, a record 11 month 24 days since a new high, although the drop of $4320, but the 24 hours are up about 13%, most of the other exchange bitcoin prices were $4300 over 24 hours, up more than 13%.

Bitcoin 24 hours rose over 10% rose above $4200, a record in July to its best performance

When the App display market chain, after 29 days of zero, currency security and other multi exchange bitcoin trading price of the last 24 hours were up over 10%, to stand on the $4200.

When App chain editor noticed after 24 hours, bitcoin rose over 6%, Reuters reported that bitcoin will achieve its best performance since July this year.

Six encryption currency two digit number rise, global currency market capitalization rose more than $15 billion in 24 hours

The statistics of Coinmarketcap, near Beijing, 28, 23, the total market value of the global encryption monetary exceeded $138 billion, up more than $15 billion in 24 hours. The market value of the top ten encryption currency, bitcoin, Ethernet, and other six square reboxetine currency in the past 24 hours, tired rose more than 10%.

Bitcoin futures rose more than 15% at $4200, for two consecutive days after a record low rebound

The United States in November 28th, two American exchange bitcoin futures contract closed up more than 15% on the $4200 mark, closing up two days in a row, after two consecutive days of record lows, tired last week fell more than 20%, falling around.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC January futures contract closed up 15.82%, to close at $4285, closed up 27, about 2.64%, to close at $3700, down more than 23.04% tired last week.

The largest bitcoin Futures Options Exchange Cboe XBT 1 month contract closed up more than 15.06%, to close at $4240, closed up 27, about 1.03%, to close at $3685 last week, tired and fell to about 22.66%.

The United States Treasury sanctions against two people in Iran, which involved bitcoin blackmail

The U.S. Treasury Department announced 28 days, the office of foreign assets control’s (OFAC) sanctions on two Iran Ali Khorashadizadeh and Mohammad Ghorbaniyan in Iran, said they represent SamSam molecular network malicious virus extortion case, this will help the bitcoin digital currency for gold exchange as the legal tender in the Iran riyal. The known victims of the extortion of more than 200.

OFAC 28 also confirmed on a digital currency address and the people, they through both address more than 7000 pen bitcoin transactions worth millions of dollars.

The Treasury Department said the move is OFAC for the first time publicly identified, digital currency address becomes boarded the sanctions list individual accomplice.

Media: the currency field Fidelity’s venture capital fund to restart the encryption

The Block Crypto recently learned from insiders, the world’s largest asset management agency of Fidelity Investments (Fidelity Investments) has restarted the attention crypto currency related assets risk investment fund: fidelity digital assets. It will be Sachin Patodia stock analyst for more than eleven years working in charge of fidelity. After the restart, the size of the fund more than before.

The chain have App edit view that fidelity was first established in 2017 a small scale experiment of venture capital fund, investment currency and digital asset encryption attempt. But earlier this year, including deeply involved in the project Matt Walsh and former deputy chief investment research analyst at Nic Carter, some key management people left, so the fund to suspend operation.

China Information Industry Development Center Update encryption project ranking, bitcoin rose to No. 13

China Information Industry Development Center (CCID) released the latest encryption project rankings show that bitcoin (BTC) from nineteenth to thirteenth. Some people think that with the November 15th bitcoin cash (BCH) on hard bifurcation. The list includes 33 encryption currency project, EOS and Ethernet square (ETH) according to the total score is still among the best, were the first and second.

CCID ranking is divided into three sub indices: basic technology, application and innovation. In innovation, BTC ranked first, the highest ranking based on EOS technology, ETH ranked first in terms of application.

California judge: Blockvest ICO is the United States Commission Securities, there is no reason to ban

The United States of California Southern District judge Gonzalo Curiel EST 27, ICO Blockvest LLC issued BLV token essence is not a kind of securities, at least the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) failed to prove that it has the characteristics of American securities law, can not prove that investors buy BLV is expected to be profitable, and this is one of the characteristics of securities.

The SEC claims to entice investors believe that the project approved by SEC, is subject to the supervision of the investment issue, Blockvest formed a chain block trading commission. In fact, the committee does exist, but there is no official government functions.

Curiel believes that SEC cannot prove that investors respond to the promotional materials, the ICO has only 32 investors, and a total investment of less than $10 thousand.

Blockvest argues that BLV is only used for testing trading. Since then, the judge found that the ban in rejecting the request, Blockvest has agreed not to pursue ICO, although SEC did not adequately prove wrongdoing after Blockvest. Therefore, the judge sees no reason to ban.

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