The potential of the Internet of Things and the chain


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nBlock chain and distributed book technology (DLT) to promote the Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things) a new wave of interest. Hashed Health was fortunate to be part of the Blockchain / IoT Summit recently held in the mountains of California overlooking Berkeley and San Francisco Bay. I participated in this roundtable, believing that the distributed nature of the block chain is the utility of the Internet of Things application and makes meaningful applications for these applications. Although the technology is still in the early stages, I think we will see some interesting cases coming out in the next few years. The use of block-chain technology, Internet of Things entrepreneurs can build a secure intelligent equipment based on the economy, the use of block chain registration equipment processing transactions, sign the certification information, the implementation of the contract, and even transfer funds.n
nThe meeting of Berkeley was organized by Chronicled. Participants include thought leaders of some of the world’s Internet of Things hardware and software companies, such as Skuchain, Filament, Ledger, VeChain and These improvements are ongoing in the concept of proof (POC) projects involving medicine, unmanned aerial vehicles, international trade and other fields. A lot of discussion around the application layer and the chain of chain between the functional activities of the key design. These key activities include:n
nn1, in the block chain to register entities (registrants, registrants, matters, etc.).n
n2, things in the network equipment and purse verification.n
n3, asset ownership transfer.n
n4, sensors, equipment and personal records of activities and transaction books.n
n5, the equipment in the wallet.n
nnThese are the basic activities that allow intelligent devices to become autonomous objects that can handle transactions and execute contracts. Some of the new company based on the block chain project is some cases:n
nn1, through these activities combined with identity, wallet and can talk with the visitor phone door lock.n
n2, Filament transforms the refinery into an intelligent system with tokens equipment and instrumentation to improve the data source.n
n3, VeChain with advanced clothing on the chip to track the flow of assets in the supply chain, improve customer experience.n
n4, Chronicled study how to register and verify UAVs in the block chain, so that it recognizes, uses and confirms their correct routes.n
n5, Ledger with a can not tamper with the chip security smart card to ensure the authenticity of the transaction in the device.n
n6, SkuChain cargo ship on the Internet equipment and payment process linked to the international cotton trade.n
nnBlock chains are the high potential elements of these cases because of their ability to manage the above activities in a distributed pattern, so that there is no friction between the participants and the machine. Operational efficiency, low transaction costs, better audibility, greater security, better stability, and regulatory compliance are some of the benefits of block-based networking solutions. This can challenge the more closed, lifeless first-generation Internet of Things deployment, the center of the structure of the supply and demand signal is more inclined to traceability point of view. Many of these modes can guarantee the authenticity of the device and data directly from the source device. The block chain creates a non-tampering transaction book. The maturity of these solutions will depend on the value and effectiveness of these organizations, the value and effectiveness of early projects, and the security and scalability of the block chain itself (especially the smart contract for the chain chain management).n
nThe other boost of these companies (and my own company) is to really understand and explain the “why” behind them. Why should it be on the chain Why do people pay for this? Answering these questions and other non-technical issues will lead us more efficiently to the future of block chains and distributed books, which will accelerate the realization of a secure and stable new Internet of Things economy.n

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