The president took the Deputy headmaster in the school of mining? Bear grilled a steak this “sideline” worth it

Recently, the media exposed a “anecdotes”, Hunan Chenzhou Jiahe County Pu man high school principal Lei Hua using the school network and the power of digital currency, “mining” in the teaching building, not only affects the teaching life of the noise emitted, the campus network speed slow, the circuit overload operation.

In the teacher’s “investigation”, high power computer audio-visual indoor seven was found in one day run and report. The follow-up survey, Leihua from July 2017 to July 2018, in the teaching building with its “dig the etheric fang”. Later, the school vice president Wang Zhipeng also joined the Leihua mining team “”.

During the period of Leihua mining produces 14714 yuan electricity, Wang Zhipeng produced 2444 yuan electricity, by “public reimbursement”.

This year 10 month, Leihua by the party a serious warning, was dismissed from the Party branch secretary, President; Wang Zhipeng by Party warning. The money involved has been confiscated by the Jiahe County County Commission for Discipline Inspection commission.

Borrow a picture with wisdom from the masses we feel “”.

From the picture” Hunan traffic channel

Yes, stand on the desk is mine “”.

To “coin circle”, “chain circle” readers explain. Most of digital currency from mining, bitcoin mining as an example, through calculation of SHA256 hash for accounting right, thus obtaining bitcoin reward. Mining tools are called mills (has experienced from the initial CPU to the current ASIC chip mainstream evolutionary process), for mining operations are called “miners”.

Therefore, the “principal miners” did not take a hoe to dig coal, they pay the cost of money and time just to buy ore mining (power and network are public cover). It sounds like a one-time investment after mining lay money business, but the fact is not so simple.

Odaily has said in the daily planet “star | photo read” mainstream bitcoin mining machine which is stronger “and” white “can understand bitcoin mining machine selection criteria” in comparing the mainstream machine is power consumption ratio, daily revenue and return this cycle (blame us, issued late, school leaders certainly don’t see). The actual income of individual mining is also affected by vehicle price, electricity, the whole network is difficult, digital currency price fluctuations, mine life, mining software into other factors. Conclusion: the individual purchase of direct light (mainstream currency) ore mining bonus period has passed, do not have the resources to do the backing of the small game player shenru.

According to this group of mine is my visual force, comprehensive 2017 Hunan price ladder (assuming the principals did not go reimbursement words) and “crimes” during the etheric Fang prices, Jiahe County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee of the county can be confiscated money should be in a few million. Two people to catch the future occupation, is The loss outweighs the gain.

It happens that there is a similar case。 We have been in contact with one of the early miners, the initial work in a public institution, in charge of the company by his room facilities, with the “public” network and electric mining to leave.

According to the Eco Motoring News 11 last month reported that a blogger Po Tesla transformed into bitcoin mining machine “Sao operation”, plus the previous year Tesla to some owners to provide 400 kwh free charge, brought the “empty set of the white money illusion to people.

I have no chance of winning the general chip, and the connection is a problem. picture source

Of course, no matter mining can return to this, “electric mouse who did wrong rub electric mining.

Even in their own mining, noise, heat, bandwidth, circuit overload problems may still bring trouble to the public. Like the two principals at night also drove the high power machine, not only seriously interfere with the teaching order, the noise for the detection personnel “provides valuable clues, also nearly caused a fire. The daily planet Odaily but also advise the twoprincipal, learn more knowledge and less speculation, buy machine as pick pool.

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