The presidential candidate Rand Paul unveiled New York bitcoin activities

The presidential candidate Rand Paul unveiled New York bitcoin activities

Rand Paul is the first ever presidential candidate to accept bitcoin donations. The Paul campaign spokesman Sergio Gore said that due to the activities of the management team did not open the event, activities involving the speech will not be published. However, social media continues to spread information about the event.

Presidential candidate Rand Paul (Rand Paul) to April 19th (Union League club in the United Club) held bitcoin activities, and expressed his views on the encryption currency to the participants, gave us a deep impression. The event by the New York bitcoin center and incubator block chain technology company co sponsored.

The participants in the April 20, 2015 @PaulHansonNY Paul Hansen, said on Twitter: “Rand said is very short, but very important. The individual is delighted to see our next president.” Another twitter user @vichispeaks Jacob Cohen also sent a tweet about Paul: “I have the courage to innovation, technology development.”

When asked about the bitcoin regulations and national security, Paul said, “it is important to keep innovation in the United states.”

In a speech before Paul, the founder of bitcoin center Alexander Austin, take the opportunity to express his opposition to the proposed national BitLicense regulation.

He believes that if regulators let go, will bitcoin behind it and benefit more people. For example, in the early days of the Internet, regulators have taken a similar stance, let the Internet and even a few politicians emerge of itself and perish of itself, a ban on this revolutionary service. In addition to bitcoin, Paul also talked about the key problems plagued the country. He stressed the end of NSA espionage, caused the high praise of participants.


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