The price analysis of bitcoin in December 10th

There are signs that demand in the BTC time frame is low, at the end of the day, the dollar rose 1.7% BTC/. It can be said that at least is moderate, which means that the market is still under control. According to the calculation of BTC/ weeks, the dollar fell 15%, but considering the events of the past few days, the bear market seems to be slowing, fluctuations in the lower range of time. At this stage the bottom price is $3280.

In addition to connecting the past few weeks high negative tilt trend line, the loss of the past few weeks is a reliable indicator of trends. However, even if the bears threatened to lower the price, the demand of bitcoin in a relatively short period of time in the growth of. In the 4 hour chart, prices in the $500 range, support and resistance levels were $3800 and $3280.

Obviously, bitcoin / dollar breakthrough in a bear market transactions, but as mentioned above. But let the bull power, we must see the turnover rose sharply in the 11 month lows above $3800. This will make the December 6th bear market breakthrough failure mode. However, if the price is not yet back to the lows of December 9th, will once again test, BTC test may be $3280 or less at the weekend.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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