The price of bitcoin will just be a bubble, the number of people who heap game.

The price of bitcoin will just be a bubble, the number of people who heap game.

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content! For bitcoin, I believe we are not unfamiliar, because the price is very attractive, can be said to be the price to describe him too much, but bitcoin year is only ten years old, and its price can be said to make many people very much, feel very crazy! Because he was in 2017 when the direct boarded the $20 thousand price is very crazy!

But today we say not to praise bitcoin, we just want to make complaints about bitcoin as an extension of the existence of the Internet, he hedeheneng can have such a high price? It can be said that bitcoin is just a numbers game, but also rely on a person to person rule, road piled up, its price is in the way of the heap! Here does not exclude people who rely on bitcoin, really earn a lot of money, but behind the people who make money, how many people lose money, do not know if you have not seen!

From 2017 a bitcoin was skyrocketing, there are a lot of people say that the future of bitcoin is resume unlimited can exceed the total market value of gold, which is 8 trillion dollars, this argument can be said to be very exaggerated, as an Internet virtual existence of things, it hedeheneng can more than all of us recognition of gold, gold can imagine the awareness in the whole world, as long as there is a certain concept of value, should know the value of gold, but bitcoin, its audience how much? We can imagine this to go, you just grab a man in the street, you ask him the gold, he is absolutely know what is gold, but you ask him or he heard of bitcoin, but bitcoin is what he didn’t know that, even if many people hold coins, the same also don’t know what is bitcoin can be used to do what, but look at the practical value of bitcoin hedeheneng can surpass the gold?

In fact, in our opinion, bitcoin heavy 17 years to the current price trend trend can be seen in the price of bitcoin is completely uncontrollable, his so-called future prospects just to let more people participate in, some people out. Recently, bitcoin is a road in the fall, compared to 2017 and now the price of it is close to $more than 10 thousand, a year down, can be said that many people are trapped, so he called the future prospects and investment value is reflected in where?

In fact, bitcoin’s future prospects is very worrying, because now more and more digital currency market is also made to block chain technology, and they are relative to the price of bitcoin, is a direct gap between heaven and earth! So for some real play this piece of digital currency, then the choice will be more and more, however, bitcoin risk we can gain from it all can see, bitcoin’s future prospects, and no other digital currency, has the advantage, so the future of bitcoin may be a bubble, because no one is willing to continue to hold bitcoin, bitcoin’s future is very worrying!

For the future of bitcoin, what some of your opinions, comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content!

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