The prisoner’s Dilemma and cheese trading platform arms race will eventually go?

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 The prisoner's Dilemma and cheese trading platform arms race will eventually go?

Since the Spring Festival, the industry has been a long time not so lively: first several large trading platform bitcoin platform has continued to rise, after almost led to the collective money platform.

And it all starts with IEO:Initial Exchange, Offering.

This week on the topic of IEO, in addition to an on-line currency platform Launchpad third Celer project by tens of thousands of people looting, and fire coin platform announced the upcoming launch of an Launchpad function similar to the coin.

With the fire currency platform Prime rules and the first project information in the mad all the WeChat group, also rose HT.

Prime and IEO fire coins

First, with the view of design, fire currency Prime.

1, from a compliance standpoint, you can call me IEO

The sea platform trades is a higher degree of freedom. This is probably an Launchpad currency can be in the form of IEO, and the fire coins after all rooted in domestic, some not to touch the red line.

Since raising this road in the policy does not work, then another way, directly open transactions. But before the transaction currency on currency trading and the fire is not the same, mainly reflected in the following points:

1, the first and only HT transaction, and limited supply;
2, divided into three stages, different prices, after a round of price than the previous round of high;
3, the first unified platform for the sale price.

Superb design, 2 test market reaction

Why do you want to set the fire coins Prime “after a previous high price”, this is what benefits? This is a very clever design:

One can create a project fiery scene;

It is the market test, to facilitate the detection of two level of market sentiment;

The three is to let the participants take the “FOMO” (fomo) mood.

3, all for the currency platform

Only one request fire coins first Prime project: only HT transactions on panic buying. From the second project requirement for HT holdings, more than 30 of the daily average positions of 500HT, equivalent to disguise lock.

An Launchpad currency, many countries including Chinese restrictions, in this case, there are more than 40 thousand people involved in. Fire currency Prime without geographical restrictions, taking into account the people who hold multiple accounts, 100 thousand accounts to participate in the Prime should be considered a reasonable estimate of panic buying. According to this calculation, each account has 50 million HT lock 500HT lock, which accounted for 233 million of the total circulation of more than 20% HT. Demand for the HT increase, but lowering the supply, which will help push up HT prices.

 The prisoner's Dilemma and cheese trading platform arms race will eventually go?

The spring platform coins

Now looking back, IEO started the first shot of the coin ANN, has become the biggest beneficiaries of the IEO. The most direct manifestation of BNB from Launchpad about $5 before rose to about $15 now, nearly 300% of the total.

An IEO currency moves, in order to give a platform to empowerment, to inject more value to BNB. The analysis is as follows:

1, in addition to the first BTT BTC Launchpad and BNB FET and Celer raised, after the two were by BNB, can be predicted, behind the Launchpad project will be BNB special. The effect of the user to make money, will attract more users to participate in, to further consolidate the currency security status, to inject more value for BNB.

2, according to statistics analysis, 0.42% BTT/BNB of trading has accounted for RMB an total trading volume, trading on the trading volume is BNB after USDT and BTC ranked third, although FET/BNB accounted for only 0.07%, but also is the eighth BNB transactions on. Thus, Launchpad BNB to inject vitality and value is very considerable.

3, before the announcement of Prime fire coins for several hours, CZ said in the Twitter, the next time an currency may try different positions according to the model, the BNB set is still brewing. Fire currency Prime contains CZ in the concept of participation rules. If this rule is added, the price will further boost BNB.

 The prisoner's Dilemma and cheese trading platform arms race will eventually go?

In addition to coins and other fire coins, has been on the line IEO line trading platform, also have brains, try from the aspects of “empowerment” of their own money platform.

There is an on-line trading platform in the currency of Fetch directly on the line before the panic buying, options trading Fetch, and only allowed to hold the currency platform of a certain number of users can purchase, the platform currency soared. After the trading platform have launched similar currency an Launchpad business, joined the IEO war, the platform of coins rose sharply in the short time.

The prisoner’s dilemma trading platform

Not only joined the IEO battlefield platform currency rose, many have no plans to IEO, or at least not out of plan IEO trading platform, the platform is also a huge increase in currency. It seems that users on the IEO on the trading platform to “kidnapped” trading platform.

This situation is healthy?

Under the trading platform of IEO war appearance, is actually the trading platform of “arms race”, and this trend continues, the game may eventually evolved into a “prisoner’s dilemma”.

At present, the IEO effect of money become a platform tool to attract users. All platforms to see this, there is still a bear market, is still game stock funds and the stock of users. The head of currency trading platform an open head, the fire coins quickly catch up, the rest of the platform, to keep users and traffic, it can only choose to “follow the operation”. If he is not on the line IEO, is to flow and other users to the platform, its platform of currency will not rise.

From another perspective, this is a temporary situation trading platform and the project side covering market, for the participation of users, appears to be a good thing, because they can make money, profitable. Some people even extremely optimistic that if IEO like 1C0 did 17 years continuously “wealth effect”, which will attract outside users and funds involved, may lead to a market.

But if it is, in fact, is not necessarily a good thing. 2017, because a large number of project 1C0, tempting “wealth effect” detonated a bull market, there is no incremental funding and users, a huge bubble blowing burst through the 1C0, 2018 full year bear market followed. Compared with 2018, the blockchain project quality and no explosive growth or no explosive growth expectations. If this round of IEO can create a bull market, presumably the outcome will be tantamount to the outcome of the 1C0 bubble burst.

As the blockchain optimistic rationalism, many participants hope the blockchain bull come early, but do not want it to.

Now the IEO war will eventually go? Find and boost quality projects to raise funds or trading platform weapon, the stock of the game after a feather, or the 1C0 tragedy of the Quartet, is not yet known.

IEO, who moved the cheese

IEO war regardless of which direction to development, one thing is certain: the block chain project financing and sales of the Token will change.

2017 years, many projects are financed by the etheric fang. This way is changing, now popular IEO will be replaced by the fast Ethernet as the representative of the public square chain platform financing function.

Although the etheric Fang initial vision is “computer world”, but so far, the biggest use of Ethernet Fang was still “Token”. With the decline of 1C0 demand, Ethernet square prices plummeted, but also a good proof of this.

 The prisoner's Dilemma and cheese trading platform arms race will eventually go?

If this map and Ethernet over the past two years the combination of currency price, it is not difficult to see, both showed a positive correlation.

Compared with the common chain platform based on the 1C0, IEO has at least two core strengths below:
1, IEO a step to solve the sale Token and on-line trading platform two, and 1C0. According to statistics, in 50 million to raising the upper limit of the size of the $100 million 1C0 project, less than 20% of the project on-line trading platform, project finance money, but even a trading platform can not, the liquidity of assets of investors is not resolved, the investors will be more cautious on sale through the way of project that will be more inclined to choose IEO project.

If the project is by way of IEO on sale, this problem does not exist. At present, the IEO is basically a transaction platform as the main way to raise money, instead of the ETH financing function.

2 and IEO will accelerate the trading platform of public chain. Ann has begun to test their currency to the center of the trading platform, DEX, and OK before the fire coins have been publicly would transition public chain head trading platform platform is on the way for the public coin currency chain upgrade.

As a result, a lot of block chain project team considering market or technology, most likely choose chain trading platform as the foundation platform. It is reported that there have been some project decided to migrate to the square from the etheric coin safety chain.

This trend continues, no scale effect of light on the square head of public Ethernet chain forming a threat, for those who do not have the core advantage or the underlying public reputation chain, is a fatal blow. After all, the development team for technical strength or the public ecological chain scale, such as ETH and EOS will choose the head of public chain, for the rapid and low cost on-line trading platform, will choose chain head trading platform of its own, and in both the advantage of the underlying public chain, it will be more difficult to survive.

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