The public not to tell the story of the chain is no future, but most people do not understand what is “a story”

Editor’s note: This article from the orange book (ID:chengpishu), the original link: Author: Nathaniel Whittemore translation: Jessie, authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

In the encryption monetary areas, why some people can tell the story of suction eye of numerous, my project is so hardcore or not?

For all of the block chain industry projects, not only do you need to catch the opportunity to do the right thing at the right time, really want to get more attention, but also consider the environment based on how to speak their own story.

The following translation from Nathaniel Whittemore’s “how to win the marketing through the story of the struggle for attention crypto currency war”

Story marketing is a way of communicating with your users. This way, without any marketing activities can take place in a vacuum. Every decision, every piece of information released by the foreign, every piece of content output, will be based on the company’s industry environment and greater market background to make a judgment.

It looks obviously. But the fact is that most companies I contacted in the planning of marketing content, do not spend time thinking he wanted to tell this story in the market background.

So, the story of marketing in practice is what? Why is it in the encrypted currency industry is very important? Let’s start at the beginning:

First of all, what is the “story”?

The story is our understanding of the way of the world

Each market there are many stakeholders and various incentives, they influence each other in a constantly changing environment and competition. Because many of these forces are scattered, it is difficult for you to find and track them at the same time.

It is difficult to see the interactions between these forces for ordinary people, we can only through the suction eye “story” to establish their own set of understanding and judgment mode. So, the story essentially provides a shortcut, so that we can quickly understand how the world works.

In other words, the story is to find resonance (MEMEs), which is to find your users really care about. (transfer of cultural or behavioral factor imitating behavior for MEMEs- by the original. According to the information of our intuition and to simplify the complex resonance information. In this paper, a simple translation for resonance.)   

The data can be used as the support of the story, but not the decisive factor

The relationship between the data and the story is an interesting mutual understanding and mutual accommodation.

Some of the stories by means of marketing, analyze and interpret data. However, most of the time, the story is in the market marketing activities, in the process of observation in the sympathy of the public.

In fact, even if the market information started is wrong to suggest that the resonance, data itself is not enough to change the story. Although the data itself may be objective, but choose which data and analysis methods of these data is still relatively subjective.

What’s more, sometimes even resonate with the story that people can turn to doubt data. Recently Alex Krueger (Alex Kruger) and Matt Odell (Matt Odell) interaction on Twitter is a good example.

Alex used a set of data to illustrate the discussion about bitcoin Twitter reached its lowest level since 2015. Matt immediately raised some questions, he pointed out that it is because the mainstream interactive voice was encryption currency domain issued tweets rarely. Alex argued that he was in the display of data.

Finally, people generally begin to question and think there is something wrong with the root of the problem is that the data used (specific data is about #bitcoin, rather than bitcoin itself). So the point is that people only believe what they want to believe the story, and will go to support the story on the opposite side of the data query.

Between the story and the story of the competition

No one stayed in the crypto & Bitcoin people in the community can prove the fact that all of the stories are in the fight for users love and loyalty.

For example, “what is bitcoin?” “P2P pay?” this is a store of value? Is a free and independent currency?

Around these issues the story of competition, not only in the Twitter sparked a heated debate, also led to a multibillion dollar agreement hard branch. In this case, although we used different methods, but the explanation is the same thing.

Another form of competition is more common in crypto currencies in the company, is to attract people’s attention with irrelevant and limited the theme of the story.

For example, when the Layer 1 platform has just started, the market of each project are telling a different story. They need to those developers could create value in their environment, as well as the final user to explain why they do things that are very important.

“We should be concerned about governance? The throughput of TPS is the most important factor? The consumption of Gas rules, consensus algorithm and the underlying technology of privacy protection logic is what? “

These different stories are from the Layer 1 of people should be concerned about what the final, which can cause the most strong resonance, the user might flow to where.

This leads to our argument……   

All marketing is all about the story

We entered the core story marketing philosophy: all marketing is all about the story.

Let us take the above example, look at the community for the underlying protocol exactly what.

12 to 18 months ago, people feel like they are in agreement with each block chain to promote its throughput.

  • “We reached 1200 TPS!”

  • “5000 TPS!”

  • “4 billion TPS, read our white paper!”

Today, if a chain continue to TPS the story to the market, no one will pay attention to him. First of all, there are too many to tell this story, let people feel he is running. Secondly, people think of bitcoin appeared to change, “this is our technology bitcoin better” offensive has intensified, thirdly, people generally have a feeling that things are finally set up open source technology will inevitably move towards homogenization based on the function of.

Another example. Not long ago, Grin through the fair distribution, to the center of the privacy protection and indefinite inflation economic mechanism of Mimble based on Wimble protocol is attracting a lot of attention. The fair distribution of the “three noes” concept, namely the founding team incentive, no pre mining, a new concept of non sale to let the market excited.

However, after a successful win market attention, Grin began to face problems to encourage developers. Because there is no pre mining, the founding team has no incentive for investors, pre-sale, developers can only rely on community donations to keep working. This process is expected to be more difficult, the price of Grin in the two level of speculation on the market at the same time, the project was the only full-time developer Yeastplume raise salary activities is not very smooth, then only raised enough funds 10%. Ignotus Peverell also issued a document in the founder expressed disappointment with the ecological development mode in the early Grin.

Because of the market on the Grin either advantage or challenges the discussion continues to ferment, which caused the people of the incentive mechanism of a wider range of attention. Create a story space which is some incentive system clear project.

The project developer incentive and shareholder incentive combination, such as the Zcash with the founding team reward, can jump out of some topic.

Better the controversial story of the effect of anti mainstream market

Can be seen from the above examples, the story is constantly changing.

For those who recognize the importance of the story marketing staff, they have the power to change according to the market adjustment story. Not only do you need to give your potential customers to tell the story, but also to provide an alternative to those who will not buy it.

For example, there is a new project, it preaches can be best coordinated, developers and other stakeholders is set aside a reasonable incentive mechanism of the founding team. Obviously, in turn, emphasizes the importance of incentives, and the concept of the market of the fire story draw further apart Grin “fair distribution”. This story will be for those who do not buy Grin users, provide another option.

Or, you can continue to make a fuss in the concept of “fair distribution”, upgrade the version of the story. Simply change the details of the story, such as the early developers on the platform to obtain financial support to provide a solution.

These two methods are likely to be successful, or at least can resonate with mainstream users in the market group.

In fact, for the project, the bigger problem is that they often nobody cares about the theme for marketing. You don’t do the story line for the mainstream market, users on any topic you propose will lose interest, feel boring or irrelevant.

Generally speaking, marketing behavior to do a controversial anti mainstream story line, tend to have better effect.   

The story is very important in the marketing chain of this market edge blocks

In the currency market on the edge of this encryption, tell a good story of great.

Although from Nakamoto published for 10 years, but because of the vast majority of participants are involved in recent years, so people do not know where to focus, because the encryption currency and no historical data and experience very long for reference.

In this context, each item in doing things in the eyes of the public is very homogeneous (such as competition TPS) to some extent, this competition has evolved into the competition for the attention of the user.

In short, money is a idea of encryption and attention contest.   

Crypto currency community is still willing to capture the idea of good quality content

For this project that a powerful and unconstrained style, is undoubtedly good news.

At present, the people left the encryption currency in the world, through the ICO fever period, return to bear, willing and able to pay attention to the real industry inside the good idea. They are willing to a lot of reading and listening to podcasts, watch long speeches and interviews.

I have said before, crypto currency is the learner’s paradise. In many ways, the world is like a huge encryption Open University, everyone uses the open source content of self-education, self improvement. This creates a great opportunity for interaction for the enterprises, so that they can use high quality content to attract the attention of the user, and to build up trust and affinity.

But this situation will not continue. The market will shift, currency price will rise, retail investors will come back, and now most of the space of public discussion of various abstruse content and sparks are occupied, in the bull market, the analysis will be on behalf of the cast were peddled and overwhelmed by the price trend chart.

So, seize the time, now is the best time for marketing story.

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