The release of Cobo to B Cobo Custody digital asset custody service contract, forright capital, Lehman Bush

This afternoon, the blockchain wallet Cobo released digital assets managed for institutional solutions Cobo Custody, and signed on the spot, Bush Lehman investment institutions forright capital, capital and linear NGC, digital currency mortgage lending institutions, CRED digital currency information management agency CyberX, digital information management platform OceanEX.

Cobo CTO Jiang Changhao Cobo Custody is now mainly oriented to do the traditional financial institutions, digital currency allocation of financial assets exchange, and wallet service provider. Now, Cobo Custody supports 30 kinds of common chain, 600 kinds of tokens. The user can view the assets account through Web, you can also access the Cobo managed by way of API assets, based on this provides services to other C users, such as digital money lending, exchange and purse.

Cobo Custody multi sign pattern is divided into full hosting and CO hosting. Familiar with the former traditional institutions by Cobo process is similar to that of the private key escrow is the customer master; cooperative and Cobo holds part of the private key, need to collect to transfer.

To sign the 3/5 scheme as an example, in which two daily backup of the private key will not be used, according to the customer demand can be Cobo safe, shelter, or the user may hold. Three keys are used daily, a HSM financial module which is confidential, common storage hardware digital certificate of traditional financial institutions; the remaining two keys in the hosted mode by Cobo Beijing and Seattle offices in association mode master; Cobo and customers respectively hold. Jiang Changhao told the daily planet Odaily, if the user can also persist kept by its own.

 The release of Cobo to B Cobo Custody digital asset custody service contract, forright capital, Lehman Bush

CyberX CEO Wang Hao said, from SEC to ETF has two main requirements, one is to the underlying standards of operation in a regulated environment, ensure that it is not being manipulated; the second is the need to have custody mechanism. “Don’t be manipulated this is very vague, but trust is a hard condition.” He said, global custody in the bank’s assets of $33 billion, in the information management industry to provide the underlying trust.

Trust is mature mechanism of traditional financial industry, information management mechanism can account management of assets but not to mention now, reducing the risk of misappropriation of funds and run away. In an interview with the daily planet, Jiang Changhao said, in the digital assets is still in the field of infrastructure construction, the above mentioned model in the field or “future”, and need to get through the exchange. The first step is to do Cobo Custody or managed, mainly to secure storage, security agencies can make low to digital assets. “The main demands of our current transaction is not satisfied.”

Previously, Coinbase, BitGo, xapo and other North American companies have launched digital asset custody service. Jiang Changhao said that the main advantage of Cobo is that the price is cheap, the currency and support services provided more abundant. Coinbase does not provide much sign and API services, xapo only supports bitcoin, does not provide API service.

Before the launch of Cobo Custody, Cobo has launched a wallet hosting Cobo and hardware Cobo ‘cold wallet. The cold wallet price up to 3379 yuan, the price set the threshold for the number of users, Cobo users are mainly concentrated in the software hosting wallet products.

From the user’s perspective, the biggest feature is the Cobo wallet PoS mining, pledge or entrust the vote specific currency mining, to earn income, Cobo can be divided into the. I described in detail before, specific reference to the previous financing news and co-founder of fish with god.

An important reason Cobo purse is a promising development for future application of the chain block. To this end, Cobo also increased DApp Store similar to the “discovery” of entrance in APP. “DAPP is the only entrance wallet, which only provides traffic problems in the wallet”. Jiang Changhao said, at this stage, the user amount of DApp is too small, do a App cost is too high, not economic.

Jiang Changhao believes that the wallet alternative exchange become the industry entrance, this thing has not happened. Not enough, if the block chain application to large-scale landing, wallet users will be used to pay and chain asset storage. “This may not be so fast, we had on the matter too optimistic. In 90s, we did not think the search engine is the entrance. These are dependent on the development of the industry.”

Bear, active Cobo users have also been my industry influence. He said, Cobo live about more than 10 thousand, one of the POS mining, funds, financial management, quantify the “fortune” plate products is a major source of income for the Cobo now.

I’m Odaily the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add WeChat lohiuming, please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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