The report found that Europe accounts for almost half of ICO financing

nStorming comments: venture capital firm Atomico report “state of science and technology in Europe,” quoted ICO tracking company Token Data and Stack Overflow data, while investigating the founder of investors and start-ups, analysis pointed out that in the past three years the number of ICO projects in the EU accounted for 1/3 Above, almost half of global financing, the second largest amount of financing is North America. There is also an increase in the number of blockchain companies established in the region and the potential leader in global blockchain and currency development over the next five years. The number of bitcoin nodes in Europe and North America is second and second, respectively.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The report pointed out that in the past three years, European startups have raised more funds through the ICO than anywhere else in the world.n
Atomico, a venture capital firm, said more than a third of ICOs (40%) are in the EU. The 446 transaction financing reached 1.76 billion US dollars, nearly half of global sales of tokens (46%). Ranked second in North America, 244 companies raised 1.076 billion U.S. dollars.n
The report, The State of European Tech, cites data collected by Token Data, the ICO tracking company, and Atomico’s research into the founders of investors and startups.n
And the report points out that the EU may become the global leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain development over the next five years. More and more start-ups here are focusing on blockchain development, accounting for more of the company set up in 2016 than in 2012.n
Huge teamn
Importantly, the report found that about 25% of ICOs own a decentralized team, which is where the head office where the project was launched is different from the one where the founders or executives are located.n
Ricky Tan of Token Data said that the figure is expected to rise in the coming years.n
In his report, he said:n
n”We see the geographical diversity that exists within the ICO founding teams and within the teams and if the future of business ideas is decentralized, the decentralization of the founding team will be an important part of it.”n
nAtomico reports that Europe also has the largest number of bitcoin nodes, more than 5,000. The United States ranks second with just over 3,300.n
Although the number of ICO and blockchain startups is increasing, the overall heat of the blockchain has risen faster.n
Stack Overflow data, cited by Atomico, shows that the term search volume growth is exponential, increasing from 110 in January 2015 to 14,500 in December 2017.n

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