The revelation of the Chilean bitcoin “great God”: the prediction of the successful escape of the bull market has come true

The parent company of the Wall Street journal, the famous American financial information company Dow Jones also owns another specifically for the financial market investment crowd of professional media MarketWatch. Like other orthodox financial media, MarketWatch treats bitcoin and other encryption currency has been the attitude of indifference, lack of enthusiasm.

However, the high cold professional financial media published a report recently claimed that Chile has a “bitcoin God” over the past 7 years, often quasi step rhythm, for bitcoin some major turning point predictions have come true.

The last time, is the God in 2017 December, 13 days before the record in bitcoin, through a YouTube video said: “please, please take some discount chips from the table, or you are a fool! “

And he said!

“Bitcoin the little-known God”

“Gentlemen, good morning, I want to introduce you to bitcoin magic here, I know you may be in a silver investment channel does not want to hear this, but I have to tell you about this amazing thing. “

This speech occurred in June 1, 2011. Not wrong for you, 2011!

Speak the words of people not very early into bitcoin investment Wentworth’s twin brother, Currency Group founder Barry Digital is not Silbert, but not other encryption investment big coffee.

He is a Chilean software developer, the name of Vinci Jeremy Davinci Jeremie MarketWatch, simply called him “the most bitcoin little-known God”.

Prior to this, Jeremy has been through the YouTube with some of his own explanation about gold and silver investment video. In 2011, he suddenly in a pile of gold and silver investment related video posted a video, he explains a recently told a local donations by the author.

Seven Years ago, Jeremy suddenly in a heap of gold and silver investment related video posted a video introduction to bitcoin

“I no longer use credit card cash, do not enter my address, or remember my zip code,” he said in the video. “I am very fast to complete the transaction, without any fees earned at least 3% middlemen. I gave him money very well, very simple. “

He specifically refers to the bitcoin, then a bitcoin price is about $9.

In June 2011, when he posted this video introduces the budding encryption currency, he also began to accumulate bitcoin positions.

It is said that in March 2011 Jeremy bought his first bitcoin, the transaction price of only $1, his personal holding money up to 3000 bitcoins, of course, there are some alternative currency bitcoin.

Jeremy told MarketWatch in a telephone interview, early buy currency is not easy, because bitcoin market liquidity mainly comes from an exchange. The exchange and refuse to trade with him. Because of it, which prompted him to make a prophecy of the most successful person. A.

“I suggest you leave Mt. Gox. Don’t leave money on Mt. Gox! “

In 2013, Jeremy released another video. He warned that bitcoin investors in the video: do not legal tender with bitcoin in Japan Mt. Gox exchange. When the Mt. Gox exchange bearing more than half of global bitcoin transactions.

Jeremy in a video in June 23, 2013, said: “my opinion is that you should abandon the Mt. Gox exchange…… I suggest you leave Mt. Gox exchange! Trading today, then withdraw. Don’t leave money on Mt. Gox exchange! “

He said, before Mt. Gox repeatedly hacked, and its relationship with the bank is getting worse, these things make him think the prospects for the future exchange.

Six months later, he Mt. Gox Exchange announced a prophecy, hacker attacks, a total of 850 thousand bitcoins stolen, according to the prevailing price calculation, the value of $450 million. So far, this is still the largest in the history of a bitcoin theft.

“Now is the only chance to enter the bitcoin market in your life. “

The magic of Jeremy’s predictions more than that.

Bitcoin after 7 years of rise and fall, from 1 rose to $breakthrough $10000, Jeremy feel this rally there will be twists and turns, this wave of historic bull market has been weak momentum. In December 4, 2017, when the bull market cryptocurrencies Carnival like a raging fire, he posted a video to tell the fans: when is a part of the chip will discount.

Jeremy was released on YouTube in the video said: “take away some chips from the discount table, or you are a fool. “

In the days after the release of 13 advice, bitcoin hit a record $19000 to the highest point, and then on the way down, in the fall of the bear market, but the 2018 year. Bitcoin prices currently than highs fell by more than 80%, encrypted currency market as a whole has more than $700 billion market capitalization come to nothing.

According to MarketWatch reports, Jeremy in the first half of 2018 will hold its currency positions lost half, escaped the encryption bear market. According to him, he holds up a crypto currency value of 1000 million dollars. For an ordinary Chile programmer, this is not a small fortune.

Although many bitcoin investors did not like him accurate quasi step rhythm he gave these, experienced 2018 years of painful bear message: “those who believe that investors bitcoin value will return to zero by people who do not understand the system. “

Remy nagal how to view the current market trend?

In the latest video on November 30th he posted a personal, Jeremy said: “now is the only chance to enter the bitcoin market in your life! “

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