The risk of the daily planet | Beijing gold association suggests “IEO and other illegal financial activities, the deployment of 200 thousand Taiwan; bit for bitcoin mining machine in high water period

The headlines

Beijing Gold Association issued a risk warning, directed IEO illegal public financing behavior

3 21, Beijing Gold Association released on the prevention of “virtual currency” “ICO” “STO” “stable currency” and other variants of the name of illegal financial activities, risk warning, alert criminals to IFO, IEO and other items issued or retrofit tokens, under the banner of “sharing economy”, “pass card the economy” and “crowdfunding” and “economic consensus” banner, in the way of IMO virtual currency speculation.

Digital currency

CME bitcoin futures contracts in February the average daily trading volume rose

According to the global encryption money market data provider CryptoCompare released a report, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) bitcoin futures average daily trading volume in January from $79 million 900 thousand to $98 million 900 thousand in February, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) of the bitcoin futures average daily trading volume from $8 million 100 thousand to $5 million 600 thousand in February.

The highest point is located in Wright currency nearly 90 days

According to Tokenview data show that in March 21st the whole network is bitcoin is 51.02 EH/s, Ethernet square, the whole network is 150.15 TH/s, Wright coins the whole network is 296.52 TH/s. Is Wright currency gained since the beginning of December 2018, currently located in the past 90 days the highest point, and is expected to exceed 342.88 in May 2018 the highest value of TH/s.

“Mt. Gox debt of about $623 million for the Department of misreading, the actual balance of cash

In March 21st, the media reported that the Mt. Gox second meeting of creditors documents show that the company debt of about $623 million”. The Odaily Mt. Gox in March 20th, the daily planet query publicity documents found, the actual number is Mt. Gox has confirmed that the balance of deposits, the details are as follows: data show that as of March 19th, deposits of Mt.Gox has been recognized for 69 billion 553 million yen (in accordance with the document when the exchange rate of about $628 million), compared with the first meeting of creditors (18 the year September) reduced to about 122 million yen. However, Mt.Gox has set up the trust as protecting the interests of creditors of the bankrupt measures, balance of about 15 billion 895 million yen (including the cost is expected to finance the trust) has been commissioned by the trust. Encryption of money balances, as of March 18th, Mt.Gox holds 141686.35 BTC and 142846.35 BCH, the trustee is still investigating whether Mt.Gox hold additional BTC. In March 20th, Mt. Gox’s update status: the court has determined that the need for compensation of 938476.2 BTC and BCH.

Block chain industry

The mainland will deploy 200 thousand bits for bitcoin mining machine in high water period

According to the province of Southwest Chinese, plans a bit familiar with mine operators said that the mainland will deploy about 200 thousand sets of bits of their mining equipment in the area, to use low-cost electricity generated by hydropower surplus in summer. The source said, although China in Southwest China (including Sichuan and Yunnan) of the rainy season will come in May, but a bit, has already begun with the mine to negotiate and conclude the transaction, so as to be fully prepared.

Facebook: the new team really explore more chain application block

Although the Facebook has yet to comment publicly on Bloomberg and New York Times had on its issuance of encryption currency report, but did admit that books are exploring distributed technology (DLT). Facebook Computerworld in response to a request for comment said: “like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to use block chain technology. Our small team is exploring new many different applications, but currently not disclosed more information”.

Cooperation in the development of electronic bill system of Agricultural Bank of China and the blockchain xiongan group

Cooperation in the development of electronic bill system of Agricultural Bank of China and the blockchain xiongan group, in support of the group in the blockchain fund management platform for the implementation of electronic bank acceptance for payment and settlement business, the whole chain of new projects, so as to realize the bidding management, payment and settlement, supply chain financing channel and other comprehensive financial service innovation.

Institute of financial science and technology ICT inventory of 2018 ten hot words, block chain are in the fields of application

In March 21st, China ICT Institute of financial science and technology inventory of 2018 ten hot words. Block chain in science and technology, supply chain finance, insurance supervision, financial fraud and technology of digital payment technology and other financial science and technology have been applied. For example, the supply chain finance, block chain through the encryption of data exchange based on ownership, certificate of deposit certificates, real transaction credit and sharing books based on Intelligent dismantling the implementation of the contract and so on, can effectively solve these pain points, power supply chain finance landing.

Facebook is the block chain business hire business consultant

In March 21st, according to Coindesk reports, Facebook hopes to hire a consultant for the commercial block chain initiatives. Facebook released a new job posting said, this position will be responsible for drafting and negotiating with block chain planning various contracts related, including the introduction of new products and the promotion of such products in the international partnership, advising clients on legal risk, business strategy and other business issues.

Report: the blockchain record prices of the average annual growth rate of 109.40%

Beijing Academy of smart city “2018 Chinese smart city development potential research report” proposed, although the blockchain relative artificial intelligence, big data, networking, cloud computing technology started late and the block chain technology start-ups with an annual growth rate of 109.40%, significantly higher than other digital technology start-ups growth rate. From 2013 to the first quarter of 2019, the number of events a total of 835 financing, financing amounted to 159 billion 293 million yuan. Among them, the 2018 block chain financing events were the peak in recent years, a total of 517 cases, financing amounted to 111 billion 297 million yuan.

“VNC robbers” attack warning, move enterprises encounter a variety of serial crit virus

3 21 April, Tencent see Royal Threat Intelligence Center found in remote management tools of VNC large range scanning detection, the attacker uses a weak password dictionary to run the VNC service machine for blasting connection. Blasting is successful, the group will run a variety of Trojan virus move in enterprise network, including GandCrab 5.2 extortion virus, Trojan horse, Monroe bitcoin mining digital currency wallet hijacking trojan is download and run, see Tencent imperial Threat Intelligence Center will be named “VNC the gang of robbers”.

Global policy

Montana. Sura county plans to regulate the encryption.

Montana. Sura county (Missoula) meeting will be held in 4 at the beginning of the month, to discuss the draft regulations recently issued the mining encryption, and plans to regulate the mining measures including encryption, encryption mining device must bring their own renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind power or geothermal etc.. The draft pointed out that encryption mining consumes a lot of energy, will affect the environment.

CFTC is trying to audit the Bakkt proposal

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Dan Berkovitz said the agency is stepping up efforts to audit the Bakkt proposal. Although he refused to provide the deadline for approval, but he said the agency is not anti encryption or anti block chain, the agency is committed to the encryption market from fraud and manipulation in the rescue, not to fight the new technology.

Figure – voice

Minsheng Bank Liao Beini: “domestic banking application of block chain technology is still in the stage of model optimization”

Researcher Liao Beini said Minsheng Bank Chinese Research Institute in an interview, the bank has some problems in the financial transformation of science and technology, such as technology application level is not enough, the application of domestic commercial banks to big data, artificial intelligence, block chain is still in the stage of simple pattern optimization, subversive innovation has not yet formed.

Wang Jianfeng: the future will be the national grid application block chain technology, unified data management and sensing device

National Grid Company Limited before the construction work in the pan held power networking deployment teleconference. The director of the Tianjin electric power network, the Ministry of Wang Jianfeng said, “in the future, we will deepen the” big “” clouds “” objects “and” shift “and” wisdom “, block chain, energy router technology, a breakthrough technology bottleneck, and strive in the practical information on the first breakthrough, network management platform and the construction of Pan data in Taiwan in the power, to achieve unified management of all data and sensor equipment.”

The former Danish Prime Minister to join the blockchain startups, as a strategic consultant

The former Danish Prime Minister, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has joined the blockchain startup Concordium, and served as a strategic consultant.

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