The Russian encrypted currency Industry Association set up an online center to help the deceived investors

 The Russian currency Association founded online encryption center, help investors cheated

According to foreign media reports, recently the Russian block chain and encryption currency Association (RABAC) opened a new service to protect investors cheated money encryption. In the framework of the new service, RABAC will actively with the police, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the International Criminal Police Organization cooperation.

This service is encrypted online fraud and fraud victims money related support services, the Association for this service opened a new department. The new Department will RABAC responsible for hosting the mechanism of the vice president of Denis Dushnov and Alexander vice president, responsible for technology promotion for Brazhnikov.

In the encrypted currency exchange hacking the highest number of countries, Russia ranked third. Only in the first quarter of 2018, the number of network crime related to encryption currency surged 32%. In the encryption currency investments, Russia suffered great economic loss of users. A man named WEX encryption currency exchange, not less than one million of Russia’s encryption trader’s account is frozen. Because of the close exchange and losing to allegations of fraud platform, which has many victims to seek RABAC help.

It is reported that the association of the new Department will provide a wide range of services, such as providing support for fraudulent traders, and fraud risk assessment related to the new encryption project. Including: tracking stolen investment, search suspicious corruption, search related to alleged corruption, counterparties, assist to solve legal disputes, to resolve property disputes.

Russian citizens by phone, email or the official website of the platform, the platform also through face-to-face meetings to discuss further. All complaints will receive feedback in a day. The application will help people through the questionnaire survey, the specific circumstances in order to service a detailed view of each case. Then, the service sector by specifying a face-to-face meeting to discuss further action and case analysis.

The platform will collect complaints through the portal, and provides basic method of preventing fraud is the most common user. RABAC explained that although the country’s lack of encryption currency market supervision, but they will cooperate with the Russian law enforcement agencies. Because of the block chain industry is not confined to national borders, the new service will be in the Russian and foreign operators at the same time.

Earlier this month, RABAC announced the amendment will draft the block chain and encryption currency field current regulations draft, but also suggested that the KYC and AML program introduced in the field of encryption. These modifications and the proposal is aimed to further strengthen the encryption field of currency management, reduce the occurrence of fraud.

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