The scandal that European stocks fell, the pound fell after the rebound bitcoin fell 5000 USD.

FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) – European stocks yesterday (11 Sept. 19) lower, lingering around Britain and the European Union, the future relationship between uncertainty, and the auto industry is being staged scandal.

Pan European Storck 600 index fell 0.74%, most of the plate and the main stock markets fell.

The UK listed shares were unchanged, in the UK news back in Europe is relatively calm situation, still insist on valuation. British Prime Minister Teresa Mei’s leadership is expected to face the challenge to increase.

On the stock, the index fell to the bottom of the Reynolds, Nissan, the chairman of the Carlos Ghosn is under investigation for alleged violation of Japan’s financial law.

The news, Nissan shares have ceased trading, but Renault shares fell 8.6% Monday, hitting the lowest level in three years. Ghosn is the CEO and President of the French carmaker.

European basic resource shares Monday afternoon performance better, fell by only 0.2%, because the signal of Global trade tensions between. President Trump said yesterday, Washington may be prepared on the issue of trade and China “agreement”. However, White House officials later said that market participants should not read too much.

Bitcoin plunged Monday. According to CoinDesk data, bitcoin dropped to lows of $4951.47 in the past 7 days, bitcoin fell more than 18% this year, down more than 62%.

With the turmoil around Britain back in Europe did not show any signs of easing, investors are still cautious. Last week, the substantial depreciation of the pound, a series of resignation raised questions about the British government and the prospect of agreement back in europe.

Last weekend, the British Prime Minister Teresa Mei to Sky News said the change of leadership will only delay the negotiation process, after some politicians to include the proposed agreement, expressed concern about the current situation.

Scotland chief minister Nicola Sitkin told the BBC that if parliament may support agreement, it will be “very irresponsible”, adding that her party congress will vote against the deal.

GBP / USD days maximum reach 1.2884, last week fell 1%.

HSBC noted that the pound against the dollar faced a downside risk, is a possibility of off the European agreement cannot be passed by Parliament in more and more high, the other is off the European negotiation time is insufficient, there is no agreement from Europe the possibility of increasing; the recent British Prime Minister Teresa may encounter no confidence vote if she won, pound is only temporary comfort, because the result can not guarantee off the European agreement can through Parliament, if she lost, the newly elected Prime Minister may take a tougher negotiating position, but the most important thing is that no matter who is in power, the negotiation time is not enough enough, there is no agreement and Europe the results will come to.

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