The SEC Advisory Committee will explore the impact of block chains on investors

nnThe SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee plans to discuss the impact of the chain chain on the securities market in a hearing next month. Although the agency does not currently disclose specific speakers and discussion topics and other information, but in view of its recently released some of the ICO tokens are securities of the major guidance, the meeting is likely to be more clearly stated or given More views, so worthy of attention.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has set up an investor advisory committee to explore the block chain issue in an event next month.n
According to its new announcement, the event will be held on October 12th and will “explore the impact of block chains and other distributed books and technology on the securities market.” But there are no other details, such as presentations People or may discuss specific issues.n
The event marks the latest US government department on the block chain (at least in part for the theme) of the public hearing. Previously, the US Treasury Department held a campaign on the chain of chains in the insurance market in January. Other institutions, such as the CFTC, also held hearings on the subject, respectively.n
It is important to note whether the meeting will investigate the SEC’s recent activities, for example, the agency issued a survey of DAO (an earlier stacking tool for the collapse of last year) at the end of July and determined that some of the tokens sold through ICO Securities.n
According to the SEC before the public hearing, the agency will be on their own website for live broadcast, for those who can not participate in the watch.n

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