The second half of the blockchain, who is the master?

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 The second half of the blockchain, who is the master?

In 2018, the world’s cold chain block gurgling, bustling, and last year positive constant prosperity in stark contrast to the block chain industry has entered the winter.

Every winter, there are optimists and pessimists. The pessimist sees the immediate decline, the optimist sees the opportunity in the future. But whether it is an optimist or pessimist, should feel the blockchain industry gradually into the second half, the industry participants should be thinking: what should be done, let the chain can block the healthy and sustainable development in the second half.

The second half of the chain block

The block chain, flourishes and mad money collapse has been the consensus, once exciting story is not exciting, rich effect of the window period has ended, the appearance of false prosperity has been torn. Of course, with the admission of more professionals, capital, industry resources, block chain has entered the second half.

Block chain as an epoch-making technology beyond the Internet as a carrier of information transmission function, transfer and exchange of value and value distribution in the level of value, to play its unique effectiveness. But the current implementation ability, application status and should have intrinsic value requirements has the huge gap there. This is the second half block chain must face the problem and realize the path.

Therefore, if the second half is the core of the Internet digging user needs, so the second half block chain is the core value of deep application scene.

In the face of the second half of the blockchain, must pay more attention to the primary market and secondary market, passes the economic model to the development of healthy and sustainable development. In the primary market closely around the value and user needs to run through the economic cycle, the formation of positive value circulation mechanism, in order to butt the two level market, build consensus and trust in the two level market, realize the value of further enlargement and the return to investors. Otherwise, once the collapse of trust might be unable to remould it.

Therefore, practical application scenarios focus on landing excitation using block chain technology to provide effective solutions and passes the value chain is an indispensable cornerstone block in the second half.

Indeed, in the second half block chain, if want to achieve better development, but also need to solve the following problems:

First of all, must be able to construct a decentralized, stable and relatively low energy consumption of the consensus algorithm, the traditional economic system to rely on the central platform of the transfer to the block chain platform more credible, so as to establish the trust system of the real chain block, let the block chain in its role as the “core performance of trust the machine”, so as to establish the confidence of the public;

Secondly, the blockchain want to realize the change and transformation of production relations, to establish a cooperative system of self organization, autonomous physical attributes, and this is also the block chain can reshape the industry structure, the achievements of the key industry of the community;

Again, the industry level application block chain to really appear, must be the blockchain credit system we have established based on, to create a high efficiency and low cost value transfer, exchange and distribution system. Of course, this for the next generation of public or chain chain put forward higher requirements in terms of security and performance;

Finally, the second half block chain, need regulatory policies in place. The purpose of regulation is to regulate the market, do not keep the rules of the game player. Only the regulation in place, is conducive to the establishment of healthy market, can help the healthy development of the block chain.

Therefore, in order to win the blockchain second half of the competition, the key is reasonable, effective communication with regulatory and regulatory adaptation. In the second half block chain, the core is in between the real world and the digital world to establish mutual traffic bridge.

Thixotropic & symbiosis

 The second half of the blockchain, who is the master?

The second half block chain has sounded the clarion call in the second half, how to better survival and development, we still need to return to nature, to think about how to construct a new block chain business model or a new economic system?

The bottom of the blockchain is distributed books rely on encryption algorithm and data structure are constructed; chapter two is the distributed books build value based on transfer network; layer 3 is the consensus, by consensus a specific mechanism to create a consensus and trust; a fourth layer is incentive layer, contribute to the creation of Token, reward the system makes the block chain group, a self-organized ecological community based on the formation of specific consensus; 5 is the contract, intelligent contract provides a more reliable and more efficient system of contracts to the market; the other is the application layer, which is the key to landing and application, all kinds of block chain application the future will reshape the existing industrial system has formed self organization and self motivation, self governance, financial industrial community.

So, how to understand the second half and block chain block chain in the future? There are about two core Keywords: thixotropic and symbiosis.

In the second half of the blockchain, thixotropic (can be understood as a simple things: by external influences, the nature of mutations) will become the norm. Distributed self organization system constructed in the blockchain, mix order and change is the most common phenomenon, there is no absolute sense of the management center as the original system, the slightest change in the external environment, may make a system crashing collapse, like the BCH bifurcation, the community can lead to the concept of differences community division.

Therefore, in the second half to block chain project breakthrough, must adapt to this state, with a high thixotropic coefficient, ready to respond to external uncertainties, which itself can quickly restore to the original structure and the relative order of state in any external force. Of course, the community consensus on a credible and stable trading environment and health certificate through economic models are very critical.

Another key is the symbiosis (which is intended to refer to the two forms of different biological close and mutually beneficial relationship). The value chain is the core block of a transmission network organization coordination and incentive, the impact is shaping a new commercial value circulation system and the economic system. In the first half block chain, it is very important to symbiosis.

The second half of the block chain project, must learn and users, community, industry, ecology, ecological members must be able to carry on the true meaning of empowerment and empowerment, provide more support and help for the truly “ecological let the world is not difficult to do”. Only such a block chain project, have a chance in the second half display skills to the full.

The industrial upgrading of the next station

 The second half of the blockchain, who is the master?

Into the second half block chain, provides a golden opportunity for industrial upgrading.

What is the “industrial chain block”?

When the value of the Internet, to block the chain as the core of the economic system closely passes through card as the core and various industries, will be a new round of restructuring of traditional industries, traditional industries, the value of circulation in the digital world of internal storage, sharing, segmentation, evolution of a block based on chain and communication technology certificate of economic system of the industrial community, this is the so-called “industrial chain block”. The industrial area chain, is to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, so that every node, the value of free play.

The industrial chain is the core block to reconstruct the underlying Internet, build trust with the algorithm and the program, so that the value of free flow on the Internet, establish all one books, nodes realize the value of sharing, redefining the real-world entities industry.

The industrial chain block will reshape the manufacturing, agriculture, energy, logistics, transportation, education and other traditional areas, to achieve leapfrog development of the industry.

If using a formula to explain the industrial area is: industrial chain, industrial chain, chain block = + self organization + + + platform since the financial industry passes economy ecological industry.

The ultimate goal is: to build the industrial chain block industry ecological community block chain and passes the economic empowerment based on the depth of the real economy, the regression value creation origin.

On the one hand, the development of industry, the blockchain, can effectively reduce the cost of the real economy (intermediary costs, credit cost, financial cost, etc., and effectively improve the synergy cost) collaborative efficiency of industry chain; on the other hand, can build a collaborative environment credit industry, fraud, breach of contract to avoid such problems, optimization of industrial ecology.

To sum up, the industrial chain blocks for industrial development and the future to inject new vitality, become the industrial upgrading of the next station.

The quality liaokuo, ask the earth, who is the master? The second half of the blockchain, the world needs the power of thixotropic symbiosis. Things change, time no trace, let us look forward to the blockchain tomorrow.

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