The second North American bitcoin conference will be held in Chicago

The second North American bitcoin conference will be held in Chicago

Bitcoin will be blowing a whirlwind, 30 media at the second North American Chicago bitcoin conference in July. The meeting will be held in Chicago on 19-20 July Mccormick beautiful SOUTHERN BUILDING.

Order in advance tickets available now, until May 15th, the price is now $225, of course, you can pay with bitcoin, after May 15th the price will rise to $275.

Adorable Levin, the organizers of the event, the North American Conference of bitcoin interest to his surprise, he hopes to succeed.

“The last meeting is spectacular – we expected 750 people, but more than 1200 people came to. At a meeting of the American biggest bitcoin. Fortunately, we can extend it, and open up more space. We hope that the Chicago meeting the number of double – Levin adorable

The meeting will have more than 40 speakers, there will be business booth, start-up companies to present their latest development as well as the bank and government officials will talk about bitcoin regulations in the field.

“Now is a critical moment for bitcoin. The world’s most independent currency was just 5 years old, and is entering a critical stage of development. In the past six months, the currency sharply improved visibility, the media spotlight shows the advantages and disadvantages: acceptance and review of business and customer bitcoin bitcoin, regulations and price fluctuations exist at the same time “- Levin adorable.

Adorable Levin also promised that this meeting as the last meeting in Miami is as interesting as. If you go to Miami Nacibite currency meeting, You’ll see. Cleveland and Chicago party is not what different.

“North American bitcoin meeting prior to and after have a good record of the meeting, the actual content of heavy light specious writing. However, we also want to let our hair down and relax, in our wonderful fun event. “- Levin adorable

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