The second quarter of 2014 bitcoin Economic Development Report

The second quarter of 2014 bitcoin Economic Development Report

In April, Coindesk announced that it will launch a quarterly report on bitcoin, in view of the first quarter report received a positive response, not surprisingly, Coindesk launched the second quarter report. 第二季度的报告着重于这段时期的数据分析以及重点事件。 Here are some of the highlights in this report.

In 2014 second quarter report highlights

The price of bitcoin is still the focus of attention, although there are a lot of people said the public too focus on the price of bitcoin, including Stanford University professor Susan Athey. But when you look at Coindesk in the second quarter of the amount of reading in the top 10 of the article, you will find that four of them were about bitcoin prices (Figure 1).

Figure 1:2014 in the second quarter of 10 coindesk before reading the article

And you will find that the amount of reading 10 in another article, about Mark T Williams failed to predict the price of bitcoin crash articles, can also be said to be related to the price of bitcoin. In a word, the reader is very interested in the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices rebounded 39%

The report in the second quarter of the price of bitcoin make such a big theme, because in this quarter, bitcoin prices rose nearly 39.4%. There are many factors that can explain this phenomenon, one is the regulation of China market is relatively stable, there is bitcoin in this quarter attracted many big brands, such as DISH network, Expedia, apple (Figure 2).

Figure 2:2014 in the second quarter of bitcoin events and the corresponding price fluctuation

However, note that bitcoin is lower than the price at the beginning of 2014, 15 percentage points at the end of the second quarter to 33 percentage points lower than the highest price in January 6, 2014, according to the Coindesk bitcoin price index, then bitcoin prices reached a high of $951.39.

Venture capital investment increased by 28%

In the first quarter, bitcoin risk investment funds for $57 million, while in the second quarter, venture capital investment reached $73 million, an increase of 28% (Figure three).

Figure 3: summarizes the bitcoin venture

If we will be the beginning of the third quarter venture capital account (especially Xapo recently got $20 million), from 2012 onwards, bitcoin startups have invested a total of $240 million, and the separate calculation since the beginning of 2014, you will find this data for $150 million (accounting for three of the total investment amount of 63% years).

Predict 2014 venture capital investment will be increased by 42%

In the first quarter report, we discuss the broader topic of the bitcoin early start-up and early Internet Co were compared.

Venture capitalist Mark Anderson, he put the whole potential of bitcoin and its current stage of development of the Internet and the 1993. Our comparison is to assess these risk investment of their words and deeds are the same.

Although this comparison may be some problems, including the difference between the cost of inflation and time, but we still feel that this comparison is interesting and meaningful.

In April, a total investment of bitcoin startups get a total of $200 million, although this figure still lags behind the amount of investment in the initial stages of the Internet in 1995, however, when we add the recent investment, including the Xapo of a new round of financing of $20 million, we expect the total investment this year to bitcoin startups will $284 million 500 thousand.

And this figure will easily surpass Internet startups in 1995 to get $250 million investment (chart 1).

Figure 1: bitcoin start-up and early Internet start-up investment comparison ($million)

While the total amount of venture capital in 2014, bitcoin startups get will be more than 3 times in 2013. In short, a large amount of money will continue to flow to the encryption of electronic money startups, and this will continue to have a positive impact on the prospects for the industry.

Is expected in 2014 will be born 800th 000 and tenth 000 bitcoin wallet store

We have been working hard to expand bitcoin data in the database, so we can be more closely monitored bitcoin’s progress and make a prediction, such as the use and acceptance of bitcoin wallet merchants. Below we give some main bitcoin index (Figure 4).

Figure 4: bitcoin key index

This is the first time we forecast the total year-end bitcoin wallet (Figure 5) and the total number of businesses to accept bitcoin (Figure 6).

The total purse at the end of 2014 forecast figure 5: bitcoin wallet and total current

The total number of currently accepted bitcoin businesses in figure 6:, and forecast the end of 2014 the total number of businesses to accept.

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