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Shen Napeng said in an interview, “finance and economics”, whether it is business or investment, where a final, are derived from the values of the victory”.


This value, we use good words, Wikipedia explanation is “values are made based on certain sensory thinking of human cognition, understanding, judgment or choice, that is, things that set the debate is a kind of thinking or non orientation”.


Compared to the “values”, I have a word, want to push lightly out and talk to everyone, that is, the bottom line.


Before, in the circle of friends, have a state:


 The significance of the bottom line                            

The same is the expression of the meaning of “bottom line” for the people and things.


A few days ago, I watched a movie called “Twelve citizen”. The film adapted from the 1957 American film “Twelve Angry Men”.


 The significance of the bottom line


The story mainly occurred in a university in the summer, did not pass the final exam of Anglo American law students in the exam. They are composed of moot court, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and other roles, the trial is a pile of highly controversial social “20 year old rich two generations of Patricide” case. 12 parents of students formed a jury. They listen to the students in the court, will make the final decision on this case “. The 12 jurors do not know each other, but according to the rules, they must agree to the end of the trial.


In addition to juror number 8, in the first vote, almost one-sided given two rich generation guilty judgment.


The play, a jury accused by He Bing as a juror number 8 for the details of the case obviously too carp, wasting your time.


He Bing gives the answer, worthy of our consideration:

We are now in a legal university classroom, in order to judge the future is likely to become a group of young people, in the discussion of a murder, for my children, but also for your children, for our children in the discussion of a person’s life and death, this is not the critical? Decide a person should not shoot it the carp? To a large extent, it is related to a country’s future is just not the legal carp? Even if a person is really guilty, we have to spend time discussing this sentence, you hold the reins, killed an innocent man. What is the difference between you and the murderer?

 The significance of the bottom line

Inside this, serious outlook on life is the bottom line, above all is the bottom line of human rights.


Only always adhere to the bottom line, it may avoid seeing and heard while ignoring the facts and details of the pursuit, will it be possible to avoid that even 1/10000 mistakes. Because the 1/10000 mistake, for a party, is one hundred percent of the disaster.


Of course, the bottom line, not only is to help us avoid mistakes. Further said, reflected in our business competition, will materialize, real and complete reflected in the user for an enterprise’s brand awareness.


For example, in the IEO above it. In the market or in a haze, the future uncertain, currency security IEO started the first shot, why can succeed, and success sparked a brief boom in IEO?


We except that the currency an ox, the essence of market analysis, as the participation of the public, not because I think the bottom line of currency security in the choice of the subject, has a high standard on the bottom line in a coin? The bottom line, let the outstanding project will go through currency IEO, and accept the strict lock and margin requirements; also let users dare to participate in a bear market.


Similarly, the rise of the IEO boom, also can not give no bottom line trading – the new breakthrough and turn overtaking opportunity. Because there is no bottom line, so there is no recognition of brand recognition, no market consensus will again become a harvest short game.


This morning, received a coin to see the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the commemorative gifts. A box of chocolate.


 The significance of the bottom line


Once in the trading stage – the most crazy, the industry is regarded as the “thousand war”, some people even joked that “the transaction than traders, users are not enough”.


During that time, I was wondering, as a user, flow, brand coins to see why not shun “wind” open exchange. At that time, as currency trading would be better than winning, most game player, that was to take the IDG and bit mainland investment; secondly, a coin to see who in 2015 first OTC innovation function, once set off a new wave of industry trade, have certain trading operation experience.


Later see, in fact, also feel very happy. A lively, “thousand”, with the deterioration of the overall economic environment and the global market, There is not much left.


The ancients cloud, into a major event, there must be static; I think the team into the event, there is no shortage of such force.

For many on the market “hot deals” say no, not only need courage, but also adhere to the bottom line.


For example, do not participate in IEO now, this wave will have obvious upsurge, for trading – operators, is a test of courage and the bottom line.


Most of the time, you don’t do what everyone else is doing, will be regarded as heterogeneous.


Heterogeneous definition, not by right and wrong and assessed, but by the opposition minority and majority to define. The minority is “otherness”, and man as a social animal, often used to do the majority of people are doing things, because it makes people feel safe.


Do the “otherness”, it requires more courage, and more profound cognition as support.


After the “one thousand war” feather, trading – public awareness, apparently is no longer a good deal. So this time, the new deal is different”.


Again, look at this coin six years old “choose” otherness “, after the” transaction “Miss Perfect outlet, decided to open the” transaction “function.


PS; magistrate will launch trading function in 4 10, is expected in the 3 month invited some 28 users running.


For me personally, has been relatively capricious, love for people and things, never stingy praise. After the opening yesterday to see about a coin to see “transaction” function of the magistrate push, my first thought was, to get a beta experience.



The team from the understanding of contact to the present, always give me a great feeling, 2012 up to now, experienced a round of bull and bear, experienced so much, they still keep the beginning of the heart, still stick to the bottom line. So rest assured.


I remember in 2017 when, once, I want to see the wallet out of hundreds of BTC from the currency, because of the neglect of the wallet out of coins to see on-line restrictions, try to contact the coins to see the buddy, the hope can let brother authorized repair technology limited. Day or weekend, did not think this buddy just pull technology will help complete the brother, and to turn out, by the accelerated processing of ore pool.


Not only this, and later settled in the currency at K station, even if only a simple state, I often can receive in the above coin to see CEO Liu Yang, co-founder of Fangfang, message interaction and see other buddy’s money.


Above, I can understand the bottom line without boast coins look right. Love does not boast, Heaven and earth will not tolerate.


This love, in addition to my personal preferences, I want to or from the past six years, money to see the team adhere to high because of the bottom line as in the past.


The bottom line: the meaning of Title back.


What is the meaning of the bottom line?


I think, simply said, is “from the bottom of my heart, make sure that you make people feel out of the ordinary”.



Moderator introduction: words of summer. Reading fund and the founder of Dappcc, a personal micro signal neicanjun02. Attention blockchain areas of investment, and industry investment opportunities in mining and sharing. While writing, just as the output of individual understanding, which can be used as reference point of view, does not constitute investment advice, investment risk, market to be cautious.

More analysis, can focus on the word “summer to see the city public, timely access to push

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