The Silk Road auction winner Tim Darper: the world should embrace bitcoin

The Silk Road auction winner Tim Darper: the world should embrace bitcoin

投资人Tim Draper,天使投资公司Draper Fisher Jurvetson总经理,以及6月27日美国法警局拍卖约3万比特币优胜者Tim Draper,今日召开新闻发布会,讲述了他关于比特币动作的新细节。

Published by Tim Draper press conference opening, beginning a quiz time, guests included his son, VC Draper and Vaurum CEO investor Adam Avish Bhama.
In a press conference, Draper describes how bitcoin investors around the world unite together to broaden the financial innovation, develop the bitcoin application.
Draper also said that he plans to further invest bitcoin start-ups, he said:
“I am very keen to bitcoin, our fund will be highly focused investment bitcoin company, we have been highly focused on financial innovation.”
The Marshals Service auction, Draper revealed a few details, he asked the government to send the two times – once for a bitcoin wallet address once confirmed, all the remaining sum to the address — but the government is one-time transfer 29656BTC.
Now this batch of bitcoin is his private property, but he was no longer worried about their safety, he explained:
“All I know is that this batch of money will be safe in my investment money in the bank.”

The global bitcoin movement
Tim Draper in the global layout of bitcoin ecosystem, he has a list of bitcoin investment projects, including the Mexico Coincove, South Korea’s Korbit and Argentina’s BitPagos.
In answer to the audience question, Bhama said bitcoin in the United States is not stable, this view is Draper identity.
Draper said: “we should really think about it, this is a great opportunity, can let the world come from people who are interested in obtaining a new currency, a currency cannot be controlled by local government.”
There are comments that must be faced with global regulatory criticism, they warn consumers about bitcoin huge exchange rate risk.
Tim Draper is BitPagos and Korbit and Adam Draper investors, Boost investment Coincove.
Encourage investors
Draper also mentioned bitcoin do great potential for investment goods, he encouraged the audience to join the ecological circle, and let us trade system thinking inventor Nakamoto bitcoin’s stunning.
“I think the world should, as far as possible, the use of bitcoin. We will therefore become better.”
Then Draper is not willing to disclose his auction price, he just said:
“My offer is higher than other people.”
Liquidity in emerging markets

The conference will be released to the public through the media, the reporter is signed Bhama. Draper will promote bitcoin mobility in developing countries.
Draper said in a statement:
Obviously, no one can safely have enough money in his own country. I want people to be able to hold their own and trade bitcoin, in fragile currency system to protect themselves.”
Tim Draper

Draper is an excellent venture capitalists, there are successful cases of Hotmail, Skype and Baidu. Draper claims to support bitcoin is in the last year to the public for the first time, when he announced that Draper hero University follows Silicon Valley University, to accept bitcoin payments. After Draper founded the Vaurum Vaurum provides full support for bitcoin, bitcoin practical method.

In the field of bitcoin investment, DFJ is China bitcoin exchange OKCOIN angel investors.

As the third generation of venture capitalists, Tim Draper’s son Adam Draper promised to invest 100 bitcoin start-ups in the next three years.

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