The Sony and IBM teams use block-chain technology to protect educational data

nnnRush when comment: Japan’s Sony this year, IBM released the block chain products, build education information protection and sharing platform. To the primary and advanced educational institutions as the target users, the future of new educational products will be based on the chain chain platform. And continue to evaluate the block chain application system during use.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nSony has partnered with IBM to develop a new educational platform that uses block chains to protect and share student records.n
nThe Japanese electronics giant plans to launch the service next year through its subsidiary, Sony Global Education. The bottom of the platform is the March release of the IBM block chain products.n
nThe platform will allow educational institutions to exchange student academic and performance information. Sony’s target audience is junior and advanced educational institutions.n
nThe future of Sony want to develop other educational services, all the block-chain platform for the underlying data sharing layer.n
nSony International Education Chairman Masaaki Isozu said:n
nn”Block chain technology has the potential to influence the various industry systems, and education is no exception, and the educational data can be safely stored on the chain and shared among authorized users.”n
nnSony further suggests that in exploring the supply chain and logistics industry block-chain applications, the future will continue to explore other technology use cases.n
n”Sony Group is also considering the use of block chain technology innovation in the development of products and services in the process, it will continue to evaluate the system.”n

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