The South Korean firm called for a new bitcoin trading rules

The South Korean firm called for a new bitcoin trading rules


According to reports, a South Korean firm rules for the upcoming digital currency trading restrictions proposed constitutional appeal.

Seoul based lawyer at Anguk on Saturday through the online appeal system of the Constitutional Court of appeal, said the government in the absence of legal support for digital currency transactions to the new requirements is the violation of property rights.

A report of the Korea Times pointed out that the company claims in its appeal “digital currency like bitcoin is not money, but a legal” can be traded through legitimate currency or with economic value of commodity property.

A Anguk statement said:

“The government regulation is made by trading becomes very difficult and the virtual currency. Therefore, this is an illegal government measures violate people’s property rights.”

The report said that the firm will be drafted in a series of subsequent digital currency exchange and investors filed the appeal.

According to local media reports, in December 28th the South Korean government announced that it would ban the domestic currency exchange encryption allows users trading through anonymous accounts. On the contrary, the user will be required to exchange links with the bank account to deposit or withdraw money identification information.

Other aspects of the new regulations also include strengthening the anti money laundering rules, and prohibit the publication of a new anonymous virtual account. May even close the encryption currency exchange domestic proposals.

JeongHee-chan is a lawyer, he believes that any legislation should be introduced in the implementation of the relevant laws, he said: “the petition also asked the government to respect the property rights of the people, and to reach a consensus in society after the introduction of regulations.”

According to reports yesterday, the provisions will be implemented in January 20th.

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