The southern exit SkyTeam, bitcoin prices fell below $6000

China Southern Airlines SkyTeam exit

11 15, Chinese Southern Airlines announced, will formally withdraw from the SkyTeam in 1 2019 1 day, and complete the transition within 2019 years, and the day is also the anniversary of the 11 join the SkyTeam alliance. The alliance was founded in 2000, is one of the three major international airline alliance, in addition to the two oneworld and star alliance. At present, the alliance’s member airlines about 20. Exit the SkyTeam alliance, China Southern Airlines can freely cross alliance with different airlines to cooperate. From last year, it was between the deepening and American partnership, perfect for both in China and the U.S. market route network layout. The southern exit, Chinese mainland and Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines is two SkyTeam member.

Some people fail to score.

Levi’s plans to IPO brand jeans

According to CNBC reported in November 15th, with a history of 145 years, Levi’s jeans are ready to IPO, plans listed in the first quarter of 2019, the plan of at least $5 billion valuation. Levi’s was listed in 1971, financing of approximately $50 million, is one of the largest IPO at the time, but after the listing of the company profits and stock prices have declined. In 1984, Levi’s’s descendant again $1 billion 700 million acquiring company privatized. The company is privately held by the Levi’s family descendants. After several years of decline in performance, Levi’s’s current profits have rebounded, in its most recent quarterly report, its sales increased 10% to $1 billion 390 million, net income increased 44%.

Young people love to the parent brand is not easy.

Microsoft’s acquisition of robot startups XOXCO

In November 15th, Microsoft announced the acquisition of start-up companies XOXCO chat robot. XOXCO was founded in 2009, from 2013 began the development of robot, the most famous product is the Slack developed the first generation robot planning meeting. The acquisition is Microsoft fourth this year artificial intelligence acquisition project, the two sides did not disclose the specific purchase price.

Google map launch commercial chat function

According to the science and technology Tencent reported on November 15th, Google launched a new map function, allows the user to map the merchant directly chat, even direct booking of goods. The user by clicking on the “message” option, you can chat in real time and business expansion. Last year, Google has launched a similar function, allowing consumers to communicate in the enterprise user account page. Chat after the opening, merchant staff will be through a client in time to see the consumer to send information to deal with relevant problems or orders.

Bitcoin prices fell below $6000

In November 15th, bitcoin prices suddenly fell from $6400 fell to a low of $5390. This is the lowest price since October 2017. By the end of 2017, the market demand has been promoting bitcoin prices rose to nearly $20 thousand, and now fell close to 70%. In addition to bitcoin monetary situation, other more difficult encryption. CoinMarketCap data shows that Ether fell as much as 13%, while the market capitalization of third encryption currency XRP fell 15%.

The United States Mission shut down time leasing business

11 15, U.S. group has confirmed the car rental business will shut down operating nearly a year of time. This service was mainly in Sichuan Pixian trial operation. The United States said shutting down the business adjustment, according to the feedback of Pixian pilot operation, this time the lease service form “is not very good to meet the needs of users, this short board in the short term is difficult to improve, but also the current business model can not achieve profitability.

“Try” is a part of American strategy.

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