The status quo and dream block chain + game

Author: Crystal capital analyst Ben Rui

Part 1

Block chain game situation

1. present situation

At present, according to the network data can be found, the number of users of the blockchain has reached 30 million, the user base to block chain game to bring a lot of traffic, and promote the development of block chain technology. According to incomplete statistics, at present the blockchain game is about 417, a total of more than 230 thousand ETH and is currently involved in the transaction, the user is only about 110 thousand square blocks compared to Ethernet address, the user chain is large and growing, the tip of the iceberg, so the future is still a huge profit space.

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

According to the network data show that the current block chain game player active users increased steadily from the beginning of January February the average daily living about 2000, the steady growth of 4000-5000 in May to April, with the increase of the number of live, game, game player, activity will continue to grow.

In addition, tend to block chain gamers pay is very high, largely solved the problem of fund game industry users. “White paper” game industry chain in 2018, in which 110 thousand users, 27% users participated in the game to pay transaction flow of more than 1ETH more than 9500 users, accounting for a total of more than 8.5% households, while more than 100ETH 286.

Block chain game / pay a higher proportion of user transactions

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

Source: “2018 block chain game industry white paper”

But the current block chain in the early game, the segments are crazy to test the water phase, most of the game DAPP or imitation “cat” or “etheric state” encryption, short life cycle, the game experience is poor; and after April, before the game was not as good as DAPP output, but relatively more diverse gameplay.

But note that, according to the monitoring results of the game DAPP, day 500 will be able to become a popular game (now Nikkatsu is the highest with the cat and the etheric elf, but only about 500), it is hard to imagine in the traditional game. And, which is nearly 300 game day was 0, that is to say, most of the game is currently in No one shows any interest in the state. Therefore, the current block chain game is still in infancy, the status quo is relatively bad.

2, (1) bud development history

DMM, “my world” and other gaming platforms began to accept bitcoin and other virtual currency payment, after the development block chain game laid a foundation.

(2) November 2017, the cat became the first etheric phenomenon DAPP game

In November 2017, the etheric Fang launched the first block chain game, “cat ether”. The cat itself has Ethernet virtual currency function, without any central control, even if the AxiomZen studio accidentally closed, the cat will still continue to operate the etheric, is still holding an important asset in the hands of the game player. At the end of last year, the etheric cat once created a single day more than 14000 daily active address records, resulting in clogging the etheric fang.

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

Although the game from the point of view, the etheric cat is not a real game, may only be regarded as a Demo, or a creation inspired other future games, lack of game. But overall, the gameplay design etheric cat is relatively perfect, but also give people for DAPP in the etheric Fang landing confidence.

(3) in 2018 2-3, DAPP games into the high output stage

In 2018, the coin circle began to enter the market, the currency speculation cannot obtain the proceeds, DAPP game has become an opportunity to promote its rapid development. In 2-3 months, a daily average of about 5 games DAPP output, showing a spurt of development.

(4) in April 2018, DAPP entered the game impetuous period, uneven quality DAPP

Since 2018 2-3, a large number of game DAPP high, causing the game to DAPP is very active, on the quality of the control is uneven. So in April, there were a lot of Ponzi games, including one called “PoWH 3D” of the game became a Ponzi investment game list, contract balance reached 20000ETH at the beginning of April, the number of daily active also reached more than 3000 people. The play is nothing more than to buy tokens after fees, early game player to take risks, behind the game player to fill the early cost, or pyramid type pull more people into the pit. “PoWH 3D” attracted other clone game output, or the one called “Power of Bubble” DAPP is worth mentioning, in an open contract, about 227 ETH to go into the game player. If the “PoWH 3D” just after cutting in leek, so in the “Power of Bubble”, each game player is harvesting the leek.

In another game DAPP, doing so impetuous environment such as EtherGoo, the block chain innovation in gameplay, allowing the user to block chain game POND’S scam overgrown with some more confidence. EtherGoo is a semi placed hook style games, play is mainly placed + combat, through different ways to earn Goo coins and then converted into ETH. In April, the game has been in the daily live top, even now heat down, is still in the top 10. The other is similar to the “a” catch demon composite block chain game began to emerge.

Overall, the combination of online data and comments, the current block chain game DAPP in 1 growth stage of barbarism, I think at this stage is mainly the blockchain game to test the water, water is not large in the most experienced game company, so may play and game experience than the traditional center of the game, but you can see the large game companies and senior game player has gradually begun to choose the approach, such as Tencent, its first test block chain game “hide” demon “; the NetEase NetEase Lucky cat” and “blockchain game channel”; Baidu “dog” Ali “Magee Reitz; treasure” millet “encryption”; rabbit; 360 block “cat” and so on, but the gameplay is still in the early of the etheric cat as the prototype, the homogenization of serious, at present this is a traditional game of pain points, block chain game also need to solve the problem. From the point of view, the Internet giant enthusiasm high, with the heat and the block chain technology research and promotion, the future block chain gameplay and experience will be better.

3, business model

 The status quo and dream block chain + game The status quo and dream block chain + game Part 2

To solve the pain point block chain game

1, the traditional game of the demographic dividend disappeared, the blockchain is still in the bonus game user, and the user willingness to pay high

Before the analysis of the traditional games are mentioned, because the user base continues to expand, new user growth is slowing down, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, from the incremental market into the stock market. The future growth of the industry towards intensive operations, quality content and user payment habits. Therefore, the demographic dividend and user fees habits is an important part of the development of the game industry. The traditional game of dividend gradually disappear, the block chain is in the limelight Masamori era, the game into the blockchain can absorb a large number of potential users and the amount of dividends, considerable. In addition, compared with the block chain industry users in other industries have higher willingness to pay.

2, to break the traditional mode for customers, reduce the cost for the customer

How to make efficient economic for customers has been the focus of attention of the gaming industry. In addition to several major game companies such as Tencent, NetEase and other leaders, the new game was off the traditional need to pay greater costs for customers, even the old game was off the drainage, the cost is not low, the probability of the users are willing to pay is less than 5%, far lower than the probability of the blockchain user is willing to pay. In the block chain, in the same public chain game can realize mutual open chain data, direct drainage of users, the cost is low; even the different public chain of DAPP can also be drainage through mutual cooperation mode, to achieve strategic cooperation, the public can survive in the future after all chain no more than 5.

3, to break the single game Island benefits, to achieve interoperability between the game

Each game has a relatively closed its own ecosystem, and the ecosystem circulation within the limited by the center of the game operators responsible for supply, extremely easy to cause the props and additional value, and when the game player lose interest, incentives will lose the meaning of user retention, game player itself virtual currency recharge, also lost value. In the block chain, can through to the center of the implementation of the total value, save the payment items, get through the boundaries and the rest of the game, when the game player quit a game to another game, according to a certain proportion of direct virtual property exchange, of course, may provide some assurance game discount mechanism the interests of operators.

4, the protection of personal data privacy, data transparency

For users, the traditional game of a defect is a very important data and opaque data leakage.

First of all, the traditional game data opaque is very serious, mainly reflected in

(1) game company data fraud chaos, big companies pass the cost to the game player, small companies to deceive investors and advertisers;

(2) the game data fraud caused by big data in the game can not get the value of the depth of excavation;

(3) the game transaction data fraud, depending on the game company statements of a school.

Secondly, the traditional game has big loophole to protect the privacy of individual users, mainly reflected in the presence of malicious scalping game game player data, profit by game player data, especially now that many games under the protection of minors under the banner, requires the user to fill in the identity card and other relevant information to verify the privacy, including the game game player link to Alipay, need to recharge WeChat wallet payment, greatly increase the possibility of leakage of private information. The block chain just can solve this kind of problem, the block chain itself is relative to the traditional center of the Internet does not have the safety, can not be tampered with and transparency, in the case of asymmetric information, credit system through consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm to build the game environment, high stability and reliability of the data, even if the information leakage can also know the source, to help the future prevent this problem from the source.

5, reduce the ecological transaction costs within the game, virtual items belonging to determine

To establish and operate a game ecosystem, must meet with the transaction in the ecological circle. In the game industry, the general transactions including coupons trading, game currency transactions, account transactions, virtual items trading etc.. But because of the three party transactions are not symmetric information and completely transparent, due to high transaction costs, transaction property loss caused by the risk, the game can not determine the ownership of other virtual assets. Transparent, non tampering block itself has the characteristics such as chain can help solve many problems existing in the game, the game industry development to help better.

Part 3

Block to the game industry value chain

The 1 game, the ownership of assets and liquidity

In the block chain, once the game assets chain, all within the game game currency, virtual props can belong to the block chain address under that game player, game player to address all assets following the ownership and right of control. In addition, the blockchain project currently have a mobile wallet, can support the game inside the offline transaction, and the transaction confirmation of a short time, to ensure the transaction whenever and wherever possible. It is worth mentioning that the game assets can achieve cross project reuse of assets two times or in block chain technology transformation.

2, to get new users to reduce the cost, can achieve direct drainage

Block chain can be achieved by using existing drainage phenomenon game users, address and account, developers only need to provide certain incentives and reduce cost for passengers dropped.

3, improve the antagonistic relationship between game developers and game player.

In the traditional game, game developers and game player is on the opposite side, the conflict of interests is the relative. In the block chain, a consensus mechanism determines to take certain rules, when the super node is delivered to the faithful game player and KOL games, game player and game developers will likely benefit the interests of highly consistent, the game player will help game developers to maintain game operation and development, developers in order to extend the life cycle of the game; users get the game, promotion game, will also set up a reward mechanism to reward positive promotion and help game community operators Development Game player. In addition, the operation in the block on the chain of the game basically will not face the dilemma of outage.

4, the game mechanism is relatively transparent, link game developers and game player can get better

When the game operation in the block chain, game player can know the developers said is true, whether the content will truly honor the commitment, game player can view the past of hidden in the operation of the rules of the game in the center, really build a stronger bond of trust between the developer and the game player.

Part 4

Facing the challenge of the game chain block

1, game developers profit problem

The traditional game revenue is mainly through the lure game player game props, continue to buy lottery, help game developers to achieve its commercial value, and the original black box will block chain transparent rules, and enhances the circulation of virtual items, reduce a large part of the interests of developers. Combine the block chain itself, the main income is Gas block chain, game developers will be able to use transaction fees pumped into get enough profit and value? If only the transaction fees can not deduct the cost of game developers, or bring benefits, whether there are other possible ways of realization is still need to explore.

2, the ecological balance of the game

The balance of the traditional game is mainly through the center of the game company, adjusting the parameters and algorithms to achieve, after entering the game industry chain block, need to take into account the economic interaction in the whole chain, how to realize the design of game assets and token economic is also need to seriously consider the issue.

3, block chain infrastructure problems

Obviously, the block chain industry is still in the initial stage, the infrastructure is still in the exploratory stage, there is not a precise perfect public chain efficiently, while the DAPP is required to run in public on the chain, what are the future public chain can continue operating through the test of time, and the existing system does not support the endogenous public chain random number. But this is just a stage problem, some impact on the game DAPP, but also does not mean there is no game DAPP good will be born.

4, supporting tools and services

Because of the block chain game address account, any games need to support the purse to complete the transaction confirmation and information acquisition and block chain. At present, most of the wallet solutions are completed in the end “. The solution includes the most commonly used Metamask, and Chinese version of the rabbit hole (Clevergo), in addition to many mobile wallet to join Dapp Browser, let the game player can use in the wallet “version of Dapp, on behalf of the typical Trust Wallet, Toshi Cobo, including Imtoken, wallet, purse, wheat Buntoy and so on. If you want to develop native IOS or Android’s customer service to the center of the game, a lot of suffering, such as IOS, Android and secure payment system of distribution channels.

Part 5

Project analysis

1, analysis of industry chain

In the tide of the blockchain technology under the guidance of the game gradually began to create value in the block chain. The current development in the field of the game as long as the block chain around the aspects of the game, the basic chain and service providers, and to spread in other areas of the game industry chain.

3 main areas:

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

(1) the game distribution platform

The Abyss

The Abyss Destiny.Games is a company involved in the development of the game distribution platform, to provide various types of games and reduce their cost of publicity to the game player. This Abyss provides a multi-level incentive and referral system, let the game player by playing games, and other game player earning social recommendation. This reduces the cost in the traditional game developers on the platform of the huge publicity fee, the money through the block chain technology to the real interests of popular game player.


BitGuild game platform is designed to bring revolutionary change for the global gaming industry and the construction of the largest gaming community chain block. The BitGuild block chain will be sent to the game player of the game props in a digital wallet, let the game player game player has real props and trading of props, transfer of rights, the protection of the rights and interests of the great game player. BitGuild has been with the wave field (Tron) to establish a cooperative partnership. The game has a variety of excellent BitGuild and the implementation of the PLAT transaction log.

(2) game chain


Cocos-BCX is the production, management and trading platform game developers face to the center of application and digital assets. With digital content, asset management and transaction support system with the ecological integrity of the interactive experience and block chain mechanism of DApp and digital asset development environment and chain, enables developers to develop low cost, high efficiency, in the digital asset business model continued to gain Cocos-BCX for basic knowledge exchange community platform.

Provides LUA and JavaScript support Cocos in the chain system realization of internal random number and timing task, combined with transaction commissioned and immediate confirmation of the high throughput and confirm the performance, to support more types of games to run on the chain. Unlike some of the public in the chain, Cocos chain system is realized to the center asset trading interface homogeneous and non homogeneous, and the design of the “world view” and props expression, through the standard, the direct support of digital assets within the game to intermediary transactions and cross game.


Laya is a block chain game engine and ecological platform, has four core businesses, they are: technology leading game chain Laya.chain; specially adapted Laya block chain professional game engine laya.air, support 2D and 3D block chain game development; allows ordinary game player development zone block chain low threshold game platform game laya.maker; go to the center of the block chain content based on client laya.cbox entrance. Great developers convenient block chain game.

(3) gaming platform


Firstblood is a platform based on electronic athletics blockchain, game player can win over the other game player to get a reward. Firstblood has a global ranking of the arbitration system to the center of the war system, solve the event cheating and correctness of witness and jury to ensure the game results. Now support the connection Steam against DOTA2, PUBG and other games, let the game player to play while you earn. Firstblood is also working with MOLD, the National University Electronic Sports League, bitcoin business Purse, vigorously promote e-sports career.

Electronic PK Chain gaming chain

EPC use block chain technology combined with the technical characteristics of the block chain, the construction of a fair and open comprehensive electronic sports network. To solve the problem of trust and fairness of electronic sports industry problems, make the e-sports industry more fair, open and efficient. There is a perfect scheme equipped including EPC, electronic athletics program, quiz game live gift reward scheme, the contents of the output incentive schemes, user support scheme, unified use EPC token reward.

(4) distribution platform


Refereum is a block chain to the center of the social gaming promotion platform based on. In order to reduce the cost of promotion of the game, a game developer, flow open and transparent trading platform between the media and the game player. Refereum has been at a low price on a variety of games and Steam points of goods, more than ten million game player through the registration, recommendation, broadcast and other ways to obtain the RFR integral to get the real benefits. It can be transplanted to other areas of marketing, is very promising.


ALAX is the blockchain mobile game distribution platform, to inject fresh blood into the global game industry. The main solution is to pay and game player funds advanced developers. To reduce the exploitation of the traditional distributed game player and developers through the platform to the center, reduce their cost; to be familiar with the online payment / credit card cash to buy a prepaid card game player provides service; developers pay function to reduce the number of middlemen accelerating rate of capital return through the ALAX Android SDK.

(5) prop trading platform


DMarket is a block chain and intelligence contracts based on the global market. It can be virtual items for all on any platform game in the implementation of the sale transaction, evaluation function, and without any third-party. Game developers can connected with the DMarket to achieve the above functions, which will enhance the game itself value, income and game player game time. DOTA2 and CS:GO now support, game player through the Dmarket can take the time and effort and money you spend on these games into money or goods return.


Block chain game props Gameflip trading platform established by Gameflip company, the company has several years experience in trading virtual game props (non block chain), which runs a market with millions of users. The Gameflip block chain platform using the newly developed FLP token and other game player game player can make direct point-to-point (P2P) and the purchase and sale of game props, let the game player get great value from the hard earned game props. The freedom and safety of good liquidity and market are greatly encouraged to buy more of the game player game props, also let the game makers can get huge profits.

(6) block hardware chain


The platform system is one of the hard and soft GCS global ecological game entrance, aims to provide a decentralized and distributed CDN network game promotion for the majority of game makers and game player groups. BOX.WIN Game Store is a set of distribution, promotion, retention, community, with cash in one of the powerful game distribution channels, users can consume a variety of games and related services in Game Store.

Play off cloud

Play off cloud is a new generation of block chain sharing economic intelligent hardware official as “private cloud”, in addition to the cloud disk function, play off the clouds can play off to dig coins (later renamed the chain, g) is the thunder block chain products, because mining efficiency and upload bandwidth, long time online. And, the thunder download service can be the perfect combination, is currently the most widely used block chain of household hardware products the most practical.

2, a specific game project

(1) the existing block chain games available (mainstream game chain)

  • The etheric Fang (to name only on live DAPP)

 The status quo and dream block chain + game (2) the prospect of block chain game

At present, the block chain game to collect, to develop a simulation based, the core gameplay is monotonous, mainly have pets, and then through the transaction in exchange for more high-end more rare species.

Although the gap with the traditional gameplay game, but the game because of its ecological chain block inside the digital asset and chain assets mapping relationship with financial attributes, so it is necessary to consider the main two aspects in the chain block game, a user stickiness, is a profitable property, developers need to value scarcity passes design when creating a game, to make them better together, but also needs to design the game from the essence of the game is fun.

At present, the chain chain block game block attribute and game attribute ratio is relatively high, which leads to the deficiency of the game entertainment. [1] need to use block chain to help future games create a new play, fun game, attribute higher, this is the best game fusion and chain block. The Chinese, due to the flow of the game in the hands of the entrance of the 70% game manufacturers, Tencent and NetEase, but the two of the block chain game development real force yet.


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