The survival of the war, the miners between Nano competition

A small chip can only see in the micro world, the huge market is stirring mill.

In recent months, let the machine manufacturers are always tense, who is the first launch of a carrying 7Nm (nano) chip machine. 7Nm is composed of machine element size. Such a small chip, the process is currently the most advanced machine.

Two years ago, the use of the ant S9 machine had occupied half of the country’s mining market under 16nm bit, chip. Then, the machine is equipped with 14nm, commercial rivals has launched its 10nm chip, and has no substantive bit, update, which makes it more and more passive.

The element size is small, the more advanced technology, the higher the difficulty of manufacturing.” A chip industry told the daily planet Odaily.

Now, over 14nm and 10nm bit to launch direct chip, 7Nm chip machine.

Bit, why so fast? Because 3 months ago, his biggest rival, Chia Nan Yun Chi global ranking No. 2 has announced the first implementation of the 7Nm chip production. According to Jia Nan Zhi Yun’s official website, collocation of the chip 9 series mill has been launched for sale of avalon.

In addition, the Nikkei News reported on August, the Japanese Listed Company triple-one is also developing 7Nm chip. Also from Japan’s Internet Co GMO is the first R & D 7Nm machine manufacturers.

7Nm, become the core of the world’s biggest machine manufacturers to compete. At the moment, they compete for the next era of nano war is already fierce.

At the battle of 7Nm

11 6, a bit in the official foreign social media Twitter released a new message. Equipped with a new 7Nm (two nm) chip ant machine models were S15 and T15, will soon be in the global sale, including North America, Europe and Asia pacific. In China, new products will be on the afternoon of November 8th 2 officially visit the official website on sale.

In the global digital currency Ecological Industry Chain Summit held in September this year, Wu Jihan first announced 7Nm chip bit continent independent research and development will be put into production.

Bit, is leading in the industry, but its biggest rival speed seems to be one step ahead. In August 8th, second of the world’s largest chip maker Jia Nan Zhi Yun mills in Hangzhou released the world’s first 7Nm chip production. According to Jia Nan Zhi Yun’s official website, the Avalon 9 series chip collocation machine has been launched for sale. In addition, the Nikkei reported 8 months, Japan’s listed companies are developing triple-one 7Nm chip. Also from Japan’s Internet Co GMO is the earliest developed 7Nm machine.

Behind the word “7Nm” is one of the core indicators of the chip industry, the chip manufacturing process “”. This refers to the production process of integrated circuit chip, the fineness of the connecting line is fine, fine degree is higher, the lower power dissipation.

Chinese hashrate ( to Odaily for the daily planet founder Ye Hanxin, the difference between 10 nm and 7 nm transistor is more on. For example, 10 nm only 60 million transistors, and 7 nm can put 100 million more transistors, floating-point operations more quickly, more transistors, the strong performance.

If you take this to the bitcoin mining industry, is to increase revenue.

Bitcoin mining is simply brutal collision of random numbers, the calculated stress increases mean times within one second you can count more than others, which means win more accounting right, get more new issues of bitcoin. If you use the 7Nm machine in the whole network of miners into the mainstream, with the old machine digging into the currency of the probability will be dropped. Therefore, its chip manufacturing process of advanced technology, is the important competitive machine manufacturers.

Jia Yun Zhi Nan once, founder of pumpkin is the first ASIC machine designer Chinese. Today, the number of bits to dominate the years, are due to him in the spring of 2016 the first release and production of 16nm chip, and its application in ant machine S9 and other models. This machine not only let out of the bit, a difficult situation, and since then has occupied the market, let the ants keep the main market share long-term mills.

Until now, the ant S9 is also the market’s main machine. Lesson two years ago in the former, for Jia Nan Yun Chi, in the 10nm and 7Nm chip R & D and publicity, no less effort.

For TSMC production

However, in order to produce 7Nm chip machine manufacturers is not one of the force can be completed.

Bitcoin machine suppliers in the wafer factory mode. Ye Hanxin introduced, such as machine manufacturers to provide machine bit chip circuit design, and TSMC is responsible for production, testing, packaging design according to the pictures. “While 7Nm production process is TSMC technology research and development and accumulation, one of the world’s most advanced 7Nm technology, requires a lot of time, money and manpower to develop long time, Jingyuan factory construction investment are billion level.”

That is to say, its upstream and TSMC, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and other chip foundries, but due to technical early productivity needs huge investment, the expansion of products will be very slow, the upstream foundries have a great voice. What is more, not much in the production process of 7Nm foundry. According to the Chinese Science News 8 reported that several major foundries only TSMC announced the production process of 7Nm chip in the second half of this year.

Jia Nan Yun Chi and bit, foundries are TSMC TSMC, but there are more customers. Chinese scientific report pointed out that, in addition to the bit, and Jia Nan Yun Chi, 7Nm technology, Qualcomm, HUAWEI, apple and so on at least 10 NVIDIA chip design are staring at tsmc.

TSMC is important for the two companies? We can see the prospectus.

Bit, the prospectus shows: “as a non Jingyuan Integrated Circuit Design Company, we don’t have any IC production facilities. TSMC has been the only third party wafer foundry partner of our…… We have not received TSMC to ensure capacity. We did not sign a contract for a long time, but in the purchase order form for supplies, and prepaid purchase amount.” In other words, TSMC failed to get enough capacity, compared with special mainland business will have a very significant impact. Similarly, in Jia Nan Yun Chi of the prospectus, there are also very similar.

Take the first 7Nm production line, is undoubtedly the TSMC’s biggest apple customers. But the machine manufacturers need to find ways to win, to an earlier position, more capacity.

In May this year, TSMC Nanjing 12 inch factory mass production, the first batch of wafer shipments, the object is a bit. According to Taiwan media reports, CEO, Zhan G bit group had 6 months of this year to a secret visit to TSMC, seek cooperation.

However, Chia Nan Yun Chi has held a press conference in 8 months of this year, announced that the 7Nm chip has been successfully developed for production and sale. Therefore, prior to the outside world have speculated as mills leader, is expected to launch the first bit, 7Nm technology based on the machine, but it is still a step slow.

Life and death are

It has now, in the 7Nm, but also affect the survival of bits, products.

North block chain club secretary, founding partner Chen Lei told the Odaily bit blue whale Daily Planet: “compared to Avalon, 7Nm chip it is really slow. But it is not only the slow, ant S9 is using the 16nm chip, it means to skip 10nm.” Other manufacturers have developed a 14nm and 10nm technology.

But mine is about price. Chen Lei said, S9 was able to maintain market share of ants, one of the reasons is the price.

Currently on the market, the ant S9 has been very cheap. We can see that they are in clear inventory.” This is a bit, to maintain market position, to suppress the opponent’s strategy.

However, in this year, and what other core and machine manufacturers in Avalon, each T power pricing, are based on the ant S9 reference line.

“S9 is now an independent, but the performance is still a problem, the main parameters are better than S9, the average price is lower than the S9, but now S9 continued to clear inventory, the market price up to the opponent in the channel, too many opportunities, so we are simply not to sell, to dig their own. A lot of competition have been carried out in a quarry on the seat.” Chen Lei said.

A chip design engineer told the Odaily daily planet, he is not optimistic about the mainland bit. “The process is very important for the performance, but also mean higher costs.”

He stressed that there is a product on the market, what its M10 performance is doing well, and it is used in the 16nm chip, the cost is much lower compared to the 7Nm, so he thinks the M10 price will not 7Nm a lot worse, and bit.

“S9 is Dr. Yang (Yang Zuoxing, now what mill general manager) do, but later Dr. Yang walked, has not made a breakthrough, bit products. M10 is Dr. Yang do.” He said.

Of vital importance is also reflected in, put the eye, face, bit stronger competitors, Samsung and NVIDIA and other traditional chip manufacturers have started to enter the market.

A mining machine chip entrepreneur told the daily planet, for the traditional mining machine chip chip manufacturers, do not hard, they just can’t see on the market.

“Too small.” Ye Hanxin believes that the market really has a big chance, “and its market is still in the primitive times, bitcoin mining machine industry not to wait until the industrial level, industrial level products, the industry will step up.”

Besides, the makers have decades of accumulated, the yield risk is more controllable and more adequate funding. Ye Hanxin said, “after all the ants are left to do chip, rather than the precipitation of the chip design company for more than a decade, and the investment is relatively large.”

If the bit, don’t launch breakthrough products, ant S9 advantage to.

Undoubtedly, the starting line in 7Nm, a bit slow.

The reality is that the process does not mean all, said Chen Lei, a mining machine has two indexes is fixed, every T is the cost and power consumption ratio (per T power consumption of energy)”. Miners and mine will consider the price decision. Furthermore, the financial network quoted insiders reported, “chip process advanced also does not necessarily represent the most advanced product performance. The new machine is what M10 33T, the power consumption ratio of 65 (W/Ths), the performance of 16nm is better than 7Nm.”

This is also the reason ant S9 long occupied the market, when the launch did have a breakthrough in performance, power consumption, help a bit, the accumulation of a large number of advantages. Chen Lei explained that the other vehicle manufacturers even price on the S9, but failed to shake a bit. “You don’t have so much money to do the piece, you are not necessarily rich and open so many production lines, and you do not have so many channels to their customers.” In addition, the introduction of a new machine, mine is usually the first to observe and test the water for 1-2 months, no problem will according to the market a large number of orders.

At present, the new 7Nm bit did not disclose the specific parameters, means that the above mentioned power consumption also can make nothing of it.

“Ants in this industry have survived 3, 4 years, and the product has been relatively good reputation, has formed a brand barriers, other mills even developed to hit the market still need some time.” Ye Hanxin was optimistic about the bit, “so, as long as the ants keep on R & D investment, will not be left behind, and the ants will have an advantage, rich reputation, brand.”

Chen Lei’s attitude is a prudent, he does not think that 7Nm technology can bring a breakthrough in chip based products, because of the recent years are not much progress. “And now the market, compared with the machine, the machine is more important may be mine.” This means that, when the market is not good, the most important is the low price. If the machine cost has not improved significantly, with two 15T old machines in the cheap point mining, also is worth to buy a new machine 30T.

On the other hand, is looking forward to, he felt that “the ants have already saved so long, or expect to see their parameters. “They aimed at this time listed PR strategy, whether this is still true to large-scale shipments? I guess it should still be available first on a small scale. If large-scale shipments, means that their hands cleaning machines have almost the same.”

He speculated that there may be half is booting the machine or the ant S9 market. If this is true, if the new machine price breakthrough is large enough, now out of the space is quite large. “When the ant S9 is such a product.”

So, if a bit, really large shipments, means that 7Nm’s time come true.”

I’m Odaily the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add lohiuming, please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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