The Swiss government set up a special blockchain working group

nRunaway Comment: The Swiss government recently announced the establishment of a special blockchain task force to promote blockchain start-ups and ICO-related regulatory framework. It is learned that the working group is led by Ueli Mausrer, Minister of Finance and Johann Schneider-Ammann, Minister of Economy and Education. Its members include federal and local government officials as well as members and legal representatives of blockchain start-ups. The first meeting of the working group will also be held on January 12, 2018.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The Swiss government set up a new working group to strengthen the development of block-chain start-ups and ICO-related regulatory frameworks.n
According to the statement of circumstances, the task force on blockchains, led by the Minister of Finance Ueli Mausrer and the Minister of Economic Education Johann Schneider-Ammann, includes federal and local government officials, as well as members of blockchain startups and legal representatives.n
The group will study legal guidance around ICO and blockchain companies and will collaborate with the National Secretariat for International Financial Affairs, the federal agency responsible for implementing financial market policies and representing the government’s cross-border financial interests.n
Schneider-Ammann commented on the inclusion of blockchain companies in the dialogue around its legal framework.n
He added:n
n”As a technology, blockchain has become more and more important for many industries, not just for the crypto-finance industry, and now there is a need for free regulation that opens up opportunities for Swiss attitudes while reducing risk.”n
nFor a long time, Switzerland has always been very friendly towards blockchain start-ups and cryptocurrencies, and is home to Encrypted Valley, a region well known to a large number of companies developing projects based on the technology.n
In addition, the government’s federal commission last year proposed a regulatory sandbox program to create a more friendly environment for start-up testing projects.n
Part of the task of the sandbox program is to oversee the development of new business models inspired by financial technology. In addition, the Swiss government also hopes to encourage more companies to set up operation bases in Switzerland.n
The first meeting of the blockchain task force will be held on January 12, 2018.n

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