The tax for bitcoin? The state government of Ohio precedent: this can have

Reference News Network reported on November 28th The western media reported that the U.S. state of Ohio to become the first to accept bitcoin payments by the United States Federal government. Bitcoin is not rely on an issue specific monetary authorities encrypted payment system based on internet.

According to EFE reported on November 26th, Ohio announced to accept bitcoin as payment decisions in bitcoin fell 16% to lows just a week after the. This year the price of bitcoin has dropped by more than 65%.

According to local media reports, November 26th, Ohio enterprises only need to register on the website, the website can use bitcoins to pay the cigarette sales tax and other taxes.

This service is only applicable to the enterprise, or the future will be extended to individual taxpayers.

The resolution was sponsored by the Ohio state treasury secretary Josh Mandel. He believes that bitcoin is a “positive” payment system for taxpayers, this is also an opportunity for Ohio to use set the flag in encrypted currency.

Reported that Mandel in the comment said: “I think bitcoin is a legitimate form of currency.”

According to reports, the bitcoin system using the whole point of many nodes in the network distributed database to identify and record all transactions, security design and use of cryptography to ensure that all aspects of the circulation of money.

Although bitcoin had initially triggered great expectations, the price also rose, but including the securities and Exchange Commission, the US government a number of agencies are not recommended in this investment currency, because the existence of “fraud” and “speculative” nature.

In addition, the European Banking authority warned the lack of volatility and price regulation in 2013 bitcoin.

Reported that, although Ohio’s move will not provide a legitimate bitcoin “identity”, but it opens as the official payment system approved encryption currency precedent.

According to reports, at present, 1 bitcoin is equivalent to $3730, while in the same period a year ago, the figure was $9401.

Picture. (Reuters)

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