The third block chain global summit situation renewed: BM and other big coffee convergence

nnnRampage comments: “block chain – the new economic dawn” The third block chain global summit registration and business work June 22 officially began, early birds are hot in the sale. The summit was finalized from September 14 to 16, 2017, at the Shanghai Bund W Hotel in Hongkou District, where heavyweight speakers were gradually disclosed. Vitalik Buterin, the chief scientist of the Wanfang Block Chain Laboratory, has been invited to the EOS CTO since the third session of the global chain summit in 2015, Big Chain Daniel Larimer.n
nJune 22, the universal block chain through its official WeChat public (public number: universal block chain) announced a comprehensive start “block chain – the new economic dawn” the third block chain global summit registration and business Work, early bird ticket is hot in the sale. The summit was held in September 14, 2017 in Hongkou District, Shanghai Bund W Hotel was held, heavyweight speakers are also gradually disclosed. Vitalik Buterin, the chief scientist of the Wanfang Block Chain Laboratory, has been invited to the EOS CTO since the third session of the global chain summit in 2015, Big block Daniel Larimer (please click on the link).n
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nFrom last year to this year, with the domestic and global block chain heat of the high, all the banner of the block chain summit have also emerged. But the industry recognized, October 15, 2015, by the universal block chain laboratory hosted the first block chain global summit “block chain – the new economic blueprint”, is the true sense of the first domestic public area Block chain activity. The event attracted nearly 300 blocks at home and abroad chain technology geeks, entrepreneurial elite, academic experts, investors, representatives of financial institutions and regulatory decision-makers. At the meeting, Universal Holdings announced the establishment of a $ 50 million dedicated investment in commercial prospects of the block chain application technology project funds, that is now widely known distributed capital, and launched the “universal block chain laboratory” Series of books. Up to now, distributed capital has invested more than 40 block chain projects at home and abroad, has made outstanding contributions to the development of the chain chain industry, and the “universal chain chain laboratory” series has become a lot of people understand And an important window for learning block chains. 2015 block chain global summit by the industry recognized as a block chain in China, the development of landmark events, making 2015 the first year of China block chain.n

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nOn September 19-24, 2016, the Wanzheng Block Chain Laboratory jointly organized a six-day Shanghai Block Chain International Week, including the Second APFT Developer Conference, The second block chain international summit. Attracting nearly 100 guests from home and abroad, as well as more than 1,000 guests attending the meeting, the Chinese block chain industry development level and international status, once again to a new height. At the meeting, Wanxiang Holdings announced that it would join hands with distributed funds and jointly inject capital of RMB 150 million to invest in the chain of chain companies. Which is currently the largest single block chain investment projects.n
nAt the same time, Wanxiang Group will join a number of chain-chain innovation enterprises and institutions, the next seven years to spend 200 billion yuan, common in Hangzhou Xiaoshan development universal innovation Jicheng City. This is a block to the chain of technology-driven, cloud computing, large data, networking, artificial intelligence as the basis, to achieve 90,000 people living and employment of the wisdom of the city. This is by far the world’s largest block chain application project. And around the innovative city of wisdom and other city of wisdom of the city’s global recruitment activities, but also in May this year, the official launch of the universal block chain together Star Star energy, for the global release of five specific block chain recruiting scene: including the bottom of the grid Control, power trading, terminal equipment, the development of block-based chain technology and technology successfully trading platform, based on the block chain technology battery life management system. And welcomes any program, design, product or project of any chain-chain scenario associated with distributed energy, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent cities around the world to participate in the relevant recruiting. At present, global recruitment is still in progress, the final results will be at the September block chain global summit to show.n
nIf the “first block chain global summit” held for the meridian 2015 is the first year of the block chain, then 2016 is the block chain industry to deepen the development and comprehensive acceleration of the year ahead, governments, central banks , Large financial institutions, traditional multinational giants and industry-related institutions have invested a lot of resources to study, explore more application scenarios, and strive to jointly promote the development of the industry. Although there are some limitations in the application of block-chain-related applications, it is undeniable that a new era has come, and the future world envisioned by block-chain technology has taken shape.n

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nFrom the “new economic blueprint” to the “new economic horizon”, if 2015 is more from the theory to explore the concept of block chain and technology, thinking about the safety of technology and how to enhance the efficiency of sharing books to explore the “block What can the chain do? “To imagine the grand blueprint of the block chain. 2016 is no longer just stay in the theoretical level of innovation technology, business fever began to heat up, more applications began to emerge, the future of the world continue to be a variety of scenes simulation, bringing incredible Let us see the block chain blueprint Imagination began to become a reality, the chain of new economic horizon has been opened.n
nThe history of the wheel line to 2017, which is the block chain unprecedented fast-moving year, which is a “breakthrough” for the year of the keyword, which is the occasion of the occasion, the heroes of the year to show their skills. In February 2017, the first team of the new chain acceleration battalion, covering the areas of copyright certification and transactions, smart medicine, games, smart locks and housing leasing, with a variety of cases, Technology broad application space and business prospects, the first landing project will be released in the near future. And May 12, Wan Yun open day, the second phase of the new chain to accelerate the camp announced the launch of recruitment. In just over a month, the registration team has reached three times the total number of recruiting teams. Block chain business fever high, more technical ability, with cross-industry background of the entrepreneurial team doubled, some projects began to land.n
nDawn, Chaoyang leap, Xiaguang million. Although the dawn is not strong, but it is the beginning of the boundaries of light, pregnant with infinite future and possible. The third block chain global summit “new economic dawn” will be held September 14, 2017 – September 16 at the Shanghai Bund W hotel, including the project demonstration of three days of the meeting, will show more exciting content. Will be invited to more representatives of various industries, more new faces debut, to explore the chain of chain and its own industry combined with the value and sparks.n

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nThe theme of the summit in addition to the depth of the block chain industry mainstream mainstream technology, application scenarios and development trends, but also on the chain of chain policy and regulatory, block chain investment in the field to discuss, I believe at the summit Will be hit out more valuable content, to provide more industry for reference dry goods. The topics that have been updated are as follows:n
nn● The technology of the front of the block chainn

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