The threat of explosions everywhere in the United States: “give me bitcoins or I’ll blow you up.”

Today, businesses across the United States, schools, hospitals and other institutions received e-mail inbox seems to be a practical joke bomb threat, require the use of bitcoin to pay the ransom in exchange for not to blow up their facilities.

“If you turn 20 thousand dollars to me, I will let my people put down equipment.” The warning said, “20 thousand dollars can be exchanged for your life and business. I pay with bitcoin way.”

The threat seems to be sending mail release message, actually is not suitable for any particular organization.

The report also led to other threats across the country, the police investigation and evacuation.

According to the “Atlanta journal” reported that the Georgia court’s personnel were evacuated, schools across the country have also been evacuated or take other actions to protect students.

So far, the police said, have not found any real explosives. Local, state and federal authorities are investigating these threats.

The warning message ends with a disclaimer strange: “if the explosive device exploded, the authorities see this letter:” we are not terrorists, not for other local explosion responsibility”.

At present, the intent of these threats seem to be causing confusion or money.

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