The three core points of heavy bitcoin will rebound.

Author Tao Jun Levin.

The source, Levin road block chain (laidaoblockchain)

Led by the thousands of bitcoin digital currency industry, in the 2018 year embarked on a long xiongtu, the corresponding currency price is a record low for the year, constantly refresh hunters retail bottom line, the bottom not copied, but cut and cut. In the coin if you never lost a ring this year more than 50%, are not qualified to say that he is a senior currency people. However, back in the coin circle can not always be proud of is the loss? For a year or that will recognize, in front of the candle can not always green (fall), easy flash focus, need red candle (up) flushing bad luck.

We China abroad seems to know there is a word called “new year” like, the three important events have a significant impact on bitcoin are placed in the first quarter of 2019, of course, is also an important reference to bitcoin may climb, reversal. Remember, 2018 only a month’s time.

So what are the three major events? One: bitcoin ETF; second, Bakkt bitcoin bitcoin futures; third: NASDAQ futures. Following the three contents one by one analysis.

Bitcoin ETF

This year for the currency bitcoin presumably affected by ring ETF, a bitcoin ETF news, the entire digital money market will be faced with high volatility. Can affect the gold ETF on the price of gold for ETF bitcoin bitcoin prices, as shown below.

In accordance with the laws of the United States, the SFC ETF process is as follows:

1. ETF submitted to the commission;

2. the Commission audit compliance, or solicit public opinion;

3. the Commission has 45 working days to decide whether to approve or reject the ETF, or delay a decision announced;

4. if that delay a decision, in accordance with the law can be delayed three times, respectively, 45 days, 60 days and 90 days, of course, is the longest delay time;

5. no fourth delay, third time delay after the end must decide, approve or reject.

It is worth noting that, at the beginning of July, the Chicago Board Options Exchange submitted by CBOE, VanEck and SolidX from two bitcoin ETF, the Commission is not to judge the two ETF, compared to other submitted bitcoin ETF, there is a great advantage, an advantage is winning, that is the starting point of investment high, each ETF sold 25 bitcoin, which is 1 million 300 thousand yuan, only qualified investors play, can filter out small scattered, so that ordinary people to minimize the risk, dispel the Commission concerns (American Commission boss had said privately, refused the biggest reason bitcoin ETF is too large for fear Retail Risk).

The bitcoin ETF, has suffered a delay, and a delay opportunity, that is December 29, 2018: VanEck bitcoin ETF ruling, the delay to February 27, 2019: VanEck bitcoin ETF final day. That is to say in the first quarter of 2019, bitcoin bitcoin ETF is likely to pass.

Bakket bitcoin futures

Bakkt is a global exchange, clearing, and data service operators listed the Intercontinental Exchange (Intercontinental Exchange). It is the parent company of the New York stock exchange. Boston Bakkt Consulting Group (BCG), Starbucks (Starbucks), Microsoft (Microsoft) company, creating an open ecosystem, growing in the digital asset market to support the value of about 2000 billion dollars in demand.

Early in April this year, Specher (ICE Group CEO) in the Bloomberg interview, was asked about the “how to see the encryption currency: the topic of future contracts”, his answer has emerged: “encryption currency is a future trend” and “is still in the primary stage.” I absolutely not ignore”. In the conversation, talked about the currency transaction encryption technology to establish trust, Specher is quite excited, and in the end once again that “I would never ignore him”.

Previously, Bakkt as a new company, the largest stock exchange in the United States, the on-line trading time published 12 12 April, the reasons for the delay to the next 1 months, the inevitable A thing has its cause. Bakkt CEO, CEO of ICE wife Kelly Loeffler, on his blog Medium as an illustration. The key reason she gives is “we are now in January 24, 2019 on the line, is to ensure that in the first day of trading, Bakkt participants can fully prepared.” The reason this month is revealed: the surge of the institutions involved, the underlying facilities will continue to improve.

This shows that Bakkt is a preparation for emergency on-line bitcoin futures, and has quite large institutions and user participation, delivery is not a lot of bitcoin, bitcoin is not stored, the storage means increased demand, reflected in the price is rising, this is undoubtedly good bitcoin.

The NASDAQ bitcoin futures

In November 28th, according to CCN Chinese station ( exclusive coverage, a famous American hedge fund sources told CCN Chinese station, NASDAQ senior at a recent summit that will strengthen the personnel arrangement, complete the encryption money market layout in 2019. The meeting also mentioned “tame” (Tame) bitcoin word, visible strong determination of nasdaq. Allegedly, NASDAQ bitcoin futures contracts, bitcoin futures contract structure and CME and CBOE are different, more similar to the Bakkt publishing contract structure.

Previously, foreign media have reported on the Nasdaq, encryption currency market has been showing interest, the NASDAQ (Nasdaq) president and CEO Adena Friedman said that the exchange operator is investigating whether and how to launch currency futures contracts, but these plans are still at the exploratory stage”.

NASDAQ futures if bitcoin is more similar to the Bakkt architecture, then, will the delivery of bitcoin. In this case, the NASDAQ also requires advance Xihuo bitcoin as a reserve.

Last year, the world’s two largest CME futures and CBOE futures on-line bitcoin, bitcoin peaked, while the first quarter of 2019, the world’s two largest stock exchange NYSE and Nasdaq, with on-line bitcoin delivery futures, is actually on a new level. This is a step-by-step liberalization process, and gradually put bitcoin from the original game player hands into the Wall Street game player pocket, which is really “tame”. Then, decided to head butt, 1 quarter VanEck bitcoin ETF over the trial, is logical.

December 29, 2018: VanEck ETF bitcoin Award; January 24, 2019: Bakkt bitcoin futures first trading day; February 27, 2019: VanEck bitcoin ETF final day; the 1 quarter of 2019, the NASDAQ bitcoin futures on the line. Four time points, three core, is of great significance to bitcoin next rebound, also let bitcoin currency from world vision one step closer.

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