The Thunder project will be a milestone in the expansion of the Etherstore solution

nnnThe problem of expansion of the chain chain has been the core of the community, and the recent increase in investment and investment activities has once again highlighted the shortcomings of the network has not been resolved. Bitstream lightning network can be a lot of transactions under the chain. Ethernet Square also developed a similar Thunder project, you can trade under the chain, you can also achieve direct communication within the network, and can visit other to the center of the application. Expansion will be the basis for the block chain to enter the mainstream.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEthernet Square is a leading open software network platform that runs through block chains. It allows developers to create and publish de-centric applications. In order to expand the network, the etherit office created the Thunder project (Raiden Project).n
nThe recent milestone event is critical to the next phase of the development of the Ethernet platform, and then the code will eventually be released on the public ethercom network.n
nExpansion problemn
nBitcoin network has been the expansion of the problem, but also a lot of digital money enthusiasts fear reasons.n
nAs buyers, sellers and investors continue to increase the number of transactions, so that the pressure on the Ethernet platform is growing, users find the network slow.n
nThunder Project Ethernet Square on the solution to this problem. The project, which began in 2015, is inspired by the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, which transfers large amounts of Bitcoin transactions outside the network.n
nRaiden will also have this feature. In addition, Raiden can create point-to-point channels for direct transactions, conversations and communications. Raiden Project also allows users to large-scale transaction tokens, access to other to the center of the application.n
nRaiden after the deployment, the chain to pay, trading and trading will be easier and faster. The project also protects the network from potential attacks and failures.n
nBitcoin has laid the foundations for other digital money projects, and the tower has great potential. Raiden to upgrade the ether to the long-term success must be the state, digital currency is also close to the mainstream applications.n

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