The tide of meta universe has come. What can the virtual land of meta universe project do?

He Weifeng, founder of the yuancosmos ecological education platform – Asia Lianxin group, said, “buying virtual land on different platforms can be understood as buying land in different cities. Each platform has its own pricing and measurement standards. If you want to buy, you should exchange the exchange rate of the platform for Dai currency, such as sandbox’s” sand “and decentraland’s” mana ” After that, the land can be pledged, transferred or leased, which can produce “value”.
Since the invention of blockchain technology, acquiring the ownership of virtual assets has become a way of transaction. On these virtual platforms, user generated digital environments can be bought and sold. Transactions are in the virtual world, and the payment model is also digital or cryptocurrency.
Here’s what you can do with virtual land
1. Develop virtual land and establish benign operation, such as building shopping malls or shops. (develop by themselves or by employing virtual land developers)
2. Operating or leasing land to other enterprises
3. Hold meetings and social gatherings
4. Profit from land resale
5. Mortgage virtual land property
6. Create and operate amusement park
In today’s era, it is difficult for most people to imagine life without the Internet. Entertainment and fashion are two hot tracks in the meta universe. Investors hope to make a profit by taking advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, real estate trading in the virtual world is very open to everyone, not limited to brands, but also extended to communities and even individuals. This can also explain why companies and celebrities have entered decentraland with high profile.
In real life, we all want to live and work in peace and contentment. Virtual land can create more innovative business, and it is also a scarce resource. It makes sense to trigger the “real estate fever” in the yuan universe.
Since February this year, illustrator Singh has bought a virtual plot on cryptovoxels, built his own art gallery, and made more than $1 million from NFT selling his personal works.

The wave of the meta universe has come
The growing digital real estate market in VR three-dimensional virtual world is just the beginning of meta universe. The owners of virtual real estate even cooperate with brand building to occupy a place in the meta universe.
Just a few days ago, Jack Dorsey will step down as Twitter’s chief executive to focus on square’s encryption efforts. Square also renamed its name to block to show its next focus.
With more and more people entering the field of meta universe, the existing meta universe platform will also meet the test in the future, and there are many places to improve and strive for.
The metauniverse will eventually consist of a series of virtual worlds. Now some companies have participated in the development of virtual fields. In the future, users in these fields will gather together to form a meta universe that can work, play, trade and socialize.

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