The U.S. law enforcement station successfully auctioned 30 million U.S. dollars in bitcoin

nRunaway Commentary: The US Department of Justice revealed that the 3,600 bitcoins sold in the January auction have been successfully transferred to five bidders. A small amount of bitcoin can not be auctioned due to technical problems and therefore can only be temporarily hosted on its own.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The U.S. Marshals Service confirmed that 3,600 bitcoins sold at the January auction have been successfully transferred to five bidders.n
The agency email confirmed that one of them took 1,600 bitcoin and the remaining four were 500,500,200 and 813 respectively.n
Except for Riot Blockchain, who claimed to be one of a group of 500 bitcoins, none of the others named. Riot volunteered to receive 500 bitcoins shortly after the auction was voluntarily announced.n
But what caught the attention was eventually that the agency auctioned less than 100 bitcoins as expected, claiming it was due to unanticipated technical problems that currently only hold those assets.n
In retrospect, this is the first auction of bitcoins by the agency since 2016. Auctioned 2,700 bitcoin in 2016, making a profit of less than two million U.S. dollars.n
The agency first announced a recent auction on January 11, when it revealed that the number of auctions was a little over 3,800 bitcoins, worth about $ 54 million.n
The day after the auction, the agency confirmed receipt of 111 bids from 62 registered bidders. Registration need to pay 200,000 US dollars deposit, complete the registration process.n
January 22 bitcoin auction day, worth about 42 million US dollars.n

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