The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin An Asian American presidential election to surprise, if he only accept other encryption currency bitcoin donations, also claimed to be for everyone to pay a “national income”, you will not feel this man crazy?

This is Yang Anze, the failure of the Internet bubble, and the rise in Internet dividend period, the first in 50 years to participate in the U.S. presidential election of the Chinese, he is also a friendly crypto currency, claiming to build a more transparent community with the block chain and encrypted currency.

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This is not bright.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

Chinese American presidential election

“I am Yang Anze, I want to participate in the 2020 presidential election.”

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

When such a word, say from a yellow skin of Asian mouth, everyone was surprised, who is Yang Anze? Chinese? Kidding, what he run for president of the United States?

In February 10th, a strange Asian face again in the “New York Times” weekend edition, attracted people’s attention and curiosity; in March 11th 2020, as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States, Yang Anze reached a milepost: for his contributions to the number of breakthrough 65 thousand! This is a condition to be able to participate in the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate debate.

All the people are aware of this, Asian is not a game, he is really.

For most Americans, Asians usually rarely with political connection, Yang Anze is a strange name.

2017 at the end of the year, 43 year old Yang Anze to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) submitted a written application, 1 2018, he officially announced its intention to represent the Democratic Party presidential election of the United States 2020, New York became the first Chinese entrepreneurs to participate in the running for president of the United States 50 years.

Yang Anze was born in 1975 in New York, grew up in a typical Chinese intellectual immigrant families, parents are from Taiwan, are well educated.

Like many Chinese immigrants, Yang Anze also inherited the “Curve Wrecker gene”, studied at the University of Ivy League Brown University, master of Arts in economics and Political Science degree, Yang Anze entered Columbia University law school, and obtained a doctorate degree in law. After graduation, success has become a corporate lawyer.

In 2000, on the occasion of the fast development of the Internet, work less than a year Yang Anze mood.according restless heart, decided to resign, join the Internet business tide, had not expected, the Internet bubble was broken, Yang Anze first tried to venture bitter defeat.

In 2006, 6 years of silence, Yang Anze again “the sea”, adding a friend founded a small company — Manhattan exam training training, and worked for the CEO in the near future, this time, Yang Anze is successful, the company was eventually training giant Kaplan acquisition, Yang Anze also won the first gold of life.

In 2011, Yang Anze’s three venture, founded the non-profit organization Venture for America (American venture), had left the community dedicated to helping young people want to start. The first year of the project only to recruit 40 people, the budget of $200 thousand.

By 2017, the project budget has more than 6 million U.S. dollars, a total of more than 500 people involved, they set up 29 companies, more than 2500 jobs, with this achievement, in 2012, Yang Anze was invited to the White House for president Obama presided over the youth entrepreneurship forum.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

Accept bitcoin donations

Yang Anze is a friendly person cryptocurrencies.

In July 2018, Yang Anze tweets that he now accept bitcoin, and any workshop based on the ERC20 standard Ethernet token donations to support the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

A ripple, the move triggered a storm, this tweet under the influx of crypto currency enthusiasts, applauded Yang Anze’s behavior, “not what can stop encryption currency, even the presidential candidate to join”, and called on Yang Anze to bitcoin into the mainstream of the world.

At the same time, accept the encryption of monetary donations also attracted a lot of criticism, critics say the crypto currency can not be tracked, will lead to illegal immigration more funds, environmentalists criticized POW for mining waste of resources, ecological damage to the earth.

This is not the first time Yang Anze mentioned bitcoin, as early as 2013 bear market, bitcoin fell below $600, Yang Anze forwarded tweets about bitcoin prices collapse, in the comments, Yang Anze for the blockchain Praise Words — “blockchain has rich potential, can make many things more safe, efficient and transparent.”

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

In 2018, in an interview, Yang Anze said the crypto currency helps to establish a more transparent community, a smart government will welcome this thing and will use it, at least he will do.

Yang Anze is not the first to accept the encryption of monetary donations politicians.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul in the 2016 presidential campaign to accept bitcoin donations. The Republican Senate candidate Austin Peterson received 24 bitcoin donations in January 2018 ($9700).

But as a Chinese, American presidential election, and accept the first high-profile encryption monetary donations, people called Yang Anze.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

For all subsidies

During the campaign, Yang Anze did not take the unusual way, other people Democratic campaign will focus on “immigration policies”, “climate agreement”, “tax reform”, Yang Anze will focus on the slogan of an unusual theme — “human supremacy!”

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

Yang Anze believes that artificial intelligence and automation technology in the future will bring disaster to mankind, and that the federal government a month for each of the 18 Americans aged 64 to $1000, “national income”, without any additional conditions, so that everyone can maintain stable life at least.

Yang Anze’s worries are not unfounded, more and more economists and experts have expressed the artificial intelligence technology impact on the economy and employment anxiety. Mr Kinsey consultants said in a report in 2018, the United States in 2030 1/3 will be replaced by artificial intelligence, thus disappear.

In January of this year’s first interview, Yang Anze said, the American Midwest lost 4 million manufacturing jobs, the next one will be affected by the truck driver, automatic driving vehicle will make millions of mature truck drivers out of work, of which 94% were male, average only a year of high school or college degree.

The same situation in the retail industry, call center, fast food industry, insurance companies, accounting firms and other industries continue to unfold. If they lose their jobs, the American society will not be stable.

For the source of a huge amount of the cost of Yang Anze believes that since the enterprise profits from automation and artificial intelligence in the development of science and technology, resulting in a large number of Americans are unemployed, so they have an obligation to pay more taxes, for example, can use 10% of the value-added tax to bear these costs.

The basic income advocated by Yang Anze (Universal Basic Income), referred to as UBI, the rise in the last century in Europe in 80s, in consideration of each person’s needs, employment status or skill level, the society should provide a fixed allowance for every citizen.

UBI itself is a utopian idealism, its ideological essence summed up in one sentence is:

“Our income and wealth not only from their own efforts, it is mostly due to the efforts and achievements of our ancestors, so every man on the earth should have the right to enjoy a certain degree of our common human ancestors left the social dividend.”

In reality, UBI was conceived as a way of government subsidies, through direct funding to the residents, putting money back into the economy.

However, the development of the block chain and encryption currency now provides us with a free and democratic way of globalization and trust to implement UBI, and does not require the participation of the government.

At present in the world, has emerged a group of using encryption monetary allocation basic income national projects, although many are still at the initial stage of the project, or even just thinking, but Something is better than nothing.

One of the most famous projects should be the most known EOS, love to write Blog BM is writing a book on UBI, and the telegraph group shared their understanding of UBI, there is speculation that the BM EOS is to put the annual additional 5% used for UBI funds, although EOS has not seen any substantial progress, but in BM temper, perhaps, what day do.

In addition, EOS copycat version of ENU has been an advocate and practitioner of UBI, has officially launched the Oracle system, and open registration.

Mannabase is an American charitable organization has registered, launched in 2016 and called “Grant Coin” token, is a well-known chain block UBI project.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

Behind the project team to create a global currency network, the network is free to all citizens of the earth, through KYC, we can get a weekly UBI bonus amount, depending on the current number of users and you participate receive recommended users.

The future, if Yang Anze became president of the United States, to practice its UBI policy, will use the block chain and encryption currency, based on the previous to his block chain and bitcoin positive attitude, we might expect.

However, the Yang Anze campaign for this thing the president of the United States, the U.S. mainstream media does not have any expectations, the U.S. NBC News Network CNBC given in the 2020 elections, “33 people list”, to the former vice president Biden, to star in “the rock” Jonny, have photographed, but not see Yang Anze figure.

 The U.S. presidential campaign of Chinese love bitcoin

Yang Anze will become the dark horse of American politics? Let us wait and see.

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