The U.S. rating agency will release bitcoin and cryptocurrency ratings on Wednesday

nRunaway Comment: Weiss Ratings, the independent rating agency, announced that it will release a rating on Bitcoin and a series of copycat coins on Wednesday. According to the company’s official, the ratings analyzed thousands of data points for each currency’s technology, usage and trading patterns and used that as a model basis. This will help investors better understand cryptocurrencies, stay away from speculation, and better define reliable cryptocurrencies. Once released, these ratings are also likely to attract more Wall Street capital into cryptocurrencies.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Wall Street additional funds or soon into the encrypted currency investment. A rating agency in the United States this week will release bitcoin and a batch of cottage currency rating, which is likely to attract more fund managers to enter this area.n
Weiss cryptocurrency ratingn
Weiss Ratings, the independent U.S. rating agency, announced that it has released the alphabetical grade of cryptocurrency on Wednesday, January 24. In addition to BTC, the leader in the market, the rating agency will release ETH, Rebo’s XRP, BCH, cardano (ADA), NEM (XEM), Litecoin (LTC ), Cryptocurrencies such as XLM, EOS, IOTA, Dash, NEO, TRON, XMR and BTG.n
The rating agency was established in 1971 to rate 55,000 institutions and investments, including banks, credit unions, insurance companies, equities, ETFs and mutual funds. And Standard u0026 Poor ‘s

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