The U.S. state of Ohio started to accept bitcoin tax

PingWest play 11 26 April hearing, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Ohio will probably be the first to accept bitcoin state tax. From the beginning of November 26th, Ohio state enterprises will be able to access the website after registration can pay the cigarette sales tax and personal income tax etc. the use of bitcoin a series of tax, the plan is expected to eventually be extended to personal tax declaration.

The resolution was sponsored by the Ohio state treasurer, he hoped that in the state of Ohio to carry the banner for the country in the use of virtual currency. He said: “I do think that bitcoin is a legitimate form of currency.”

In contrast, other states have accepted the virtual currency tax proposal, but was postponed the state legislature. In addition earlier in May, Arizona in the United States through the use of virtual currency tax bill, but because of the constitutional amendment and failed miserably.

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