The Ukrainian government will begin the block chain land registration test in October

nnnRafting Comment: Ukrainian land management has been facing difficulties. As one of the countries that are more interested in the chain chain, Ukraine has recently announced that it will use block-chain technology to conduct a land registration system test. The project will begin in October, hoping to increase the transparency of land leasing activities through innovative technologies to reduce illegal behavior and promote economic development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Ukrainian government disclosed plans to conduct a landlocked land registration system.n
nMaksym Martyniuk, First Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, announced the pilot project at the government meeting last Wednesday, which is scheduled to begin in October. According to local media reports, the plan will be the Ukrainian National Land Registry to introduce block-chain technology, and the national land lease auction digital.n
nNot long ago, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman undertook to auction all state-owned land leases – aimed at increasing competition, promoting the local economy and reducing illegal activities. He was a warning, may be non-compliance with the policy of “criminal punishment”, stressed:n
nn”All land leases must be made through auctions.”n
nAbout 71% of Ukrainian territory (42.7 million hectares) belong to agricultural land. Of which more than 10 million hectares owned by the state, accounting for about 25% of the total area of ​​agricultural land.nAccording to a research project funded by the World Bank in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture Policy, the National Land Registry and a number of national authorities in 2015, the current land management situation in Ukraine is worrying:nnnPublic land registration is much lower than private land (24% vs 71%), reducing transparency and triggering illegal activities.n
nThe level of agricultural land rent is one of the lowest in Europe (about $ 37 in 2015), affecting the income of rural landowners, leading to low land use.n
nThe land market is very depressed, mainly due to the lack of financial instruments and the use of land as collateral for the complexity. The main way to transfer property rights to agricultural land is leasing, there is a big “gray market”.n
nLand taxpayers (about 7.3 million) are far less than private landowners and land users.n
nnUkraine is not the first country to consider the use of block chains in land registration processing. In March this year, the Swedish Land Registry entered into a record of property rights transactions. In May, the British Land Registry noted the so-called “Digital Street” program, which ranked block-chain technology as one of the basic technologies.n

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