The United Nations believes that the chain chain may promote the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement

nnnA meeting of the United Nations in May focused on climate change, pointing out that as more and more countries join the Paris Climate Agreement, we should pay attention to the use of emerging technologies to implement the agreement to carry out action against climate change. In this regard, the role of the block chain has been affirmed because it can improve transparency and participation and contribute to the development of innovative solutions. But the United Nations did not specifically disclose the plan, only that is still in the research stage.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe United Nations sees block chains as one of the means of combating climate change.n
nDuring a recent United Nations conference in Germany, an official from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) explored how the technology would help in the world under the terms of the Paris Climate Accord. The Paris Climate Agreement was signed last year to reduce global carbon emissions.n
nA recently published blog post details the contents of the May conference in the United Nations, noting that the United Nations can use block-chain technology to build a transparent and effective system to monitor carbon emissions, clean energy trading and capital allocation. Block chains can also be used to ensure the accuracy of carbon emission reduction data.n
nAlexandre Gellert Paris, deputy director of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said in a meeting in May:n
nn”As countries, regions, cities and businesses accelerate the implementation of the Paris Climate Accords, they need to take advantage of all innovative and cutting-edge technologies, and block chains can facilitate the participation of more important stakeholders, increase transparency and participation, and To help provide innovative solutions to trust and further combat climate change and to do more. “n
nnBut according to the contents of the blog, the organization did not specify the application of the technology plan, only that is currently in the early stages of research.n
nThis also highlights another use case of the United Nations, namely, the use of the technology to promote poverty alleviation and humanitarian assistance missions.n
nThe private sector also has the idea of ​​using block chains to tackle carbon emissions.n
nAt the end of last year, IBM has worked with a Chinese company to develop a prototype to track and monitor China’s high energy companies carbon asset transactions, China’s carbon emissions account for about a quarter of the world’s total emissions.n

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