The United States and Canada receive more bomb threats to demand payment in bitcoins

Reference News Network reported on December 14th Overseas media said, the United States and Canadian authorities are investigating the territory of many received a bomb threat, but so far, no police said the threat was credible.

According to Canada, “world news” website reported on 13 May 12, Canada received a bomb threat areas are: Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Pentti Clintonn, Vernon, Toronto, Kamloops and winnipeg.

Canada and the United States some of the city’s police department on twitter said the threats include requirements for bitcoin to pay a certain amount of money, the police warned the public not to pay the money.

Reported that, in Toronto, the police report said the king of the subway station received threats, and emergency evacuation of the crowd in the station.

Calgary police said, according to the information, they determined the city residents threat is a hoax.

According to the Taiwan news network reported on 14 May 12, the country has dozens of bodies 12 month 13 days received e-mail content has triggered a bomb threat, threat evacuation, panic. The suspect for payment in the form of bitcoin, otherwise let many people suffer.

Reported that, so far, New York, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania and Mississippi have received the relevant email threats.

Local time 13 days around 1:45 in the afternoon, New York city police received a message, send an email to the suspect chain (Email Chain), where many email recipients are requested to use bitcoin to pay a certain amount of money, otherwise there will be the location of the bomb detonated.

Reported that the New York Bronx science high school 13 days morning local time 11 when he received an anonymous telephone call together to detonate the bomb after school, the school immediately evacuated the school thousands of students to many different schools around the auditorium.

According to informed parents said the children were evacuated in class midway, a chance to take the lockers in the coat, wearing thin, coupled with New York on the day of snow, many parents are worried about their children to school, if properly placed. (compiler / Li Sai)

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