The United States in the block chain to build a new VA health care system


Translation: pencil leadn

nThe media continues to focus on the long-term issues of the health care system of V.A. (US Department of Veterans Affairs). As the largest integrated health care system in the United States, its more than 1,700 medical outlets serve 8.76 million US veterans. It is also the largest graduate medical education institution in the United States, participating in medical research, with more than 340,000 employees.n
nAs the backbone of veteran medical services, the inefficient bureaucracy of the VA system is full of outdated systems, red tape, inadequate medical teams, and deep-rooted work style. It is said that conventional services need to wait a few months, a large number of backlog of internal tasks. RAND Corporation reported that Congress ordered the inspection of veterans’ health care services, recording defects and adjusting the possibility.n
nDavid Jonathon Shulkin, Minister of Veterans Affairs, appointed by Trumpe, will be responsible for restoring confidence in the V.A. medical system. Shulkin has a large hospital and medical service management experience that will lead the budget $ 182 billion bureaucracy. He said that the restoration of “VA’s pride, credibility and confidence” is one of the main objectives.n
nNew developments in block chainsn
nThe inherent efficiency, security and authenticity of the block chain technology are recognized as potential solutions for the inefficiencies and complex processes of the VA medical system.n
nThe practical application of the current block-chain solution is at an interesting moment and may provide a real chain of medical solutions for the new business model that is slow to develop.n
n2017 Nashville Inc. Hashed Health became the main participant in the use of block chains in the healthcare sector. They are in the VA when the problems into the time, is the better time.n

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