The United States launched eGifter for bitcoin to buy 3% discount rebate gift card

The United States launched eGifter for bitcoin to buy 3% discount rebate gift card

Last November, the United States welcome gift card purchase company Gyft, they issued a preferential activities: to use bitcoins to buy gift card customers can enjoy a 3% rebate.

As his opponent, eGifter companies have begun to follow up, they announced a ladder rebate program in April 24th: the customer to buy electronic gift cards can be in more than 200 brands enjoy 3% discount per dollar rebate. Similar to the Gyft, as a way to return the rebate coupons, can be used in the future shopping.

EGifter CEO and co-founder Tyler Roye said, this prospective plan aims to our customers feedback, use coupons to return their loyalty and support. They can use these coupons with the rest of us accept any payment to pay, can save a lot of money. Because the electronic money cost less in the transaction process, we are also very happy to provide higher rebates to encourage other customers”

Businessman in the world are finding electronic currency bitcoin and other exciting places, they can give people save a lot of money. After the completion of a payment, the customer can include transaction cost to make his trade can be confirmed faster. This means that merchants do not need to pay high fees for the use of credit cards for each transaction.

EGifter coupons plan also credit cards and paypal payment. The PayPal rebate 2%, credit card 1%.

The company said they will increase nearly 50 brands recently, it was also stated that the GoCoin reached a cooperation, this allows the company to receive other digital currencies such as Wright currency and coin dog.

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