The United States law enforcement agencies are investigating whether bitcoin price manipulation

(Figure /FBI)

The low price of the day coins a day

Love once more than once

See the market need courage in this day

This is the time to think back.

In what currency speculation

Perhaps freedom of wealth

You can do it

Now if you like to borrow loans campus children

For once on impulse

Regret it


The United States law enforcement agencies are investigating whether bitcoin price manipulation

According to Bloomberg, with bitcoin fell sharply, the U.S. Justice Department is investigating last year bitcoin price volatility is a manipulation of the sale of USDT traders. Some economists believe that traders use USDT bitcoin malicious hunters.

The central bank governor Yi Gang met with the general manager of the bank for International Settlements, the central bank to exchange views on issues such as digital currency

Recently, the people’s Bank of Chinese governor Yi Gang met with visiting the bank’s general manager Agustin Carstens, both on the global economic and financial situation, emerging market economies, the central bank faces the challenge of digital currency, the people’s Bank and the bank for International Settlements to deepen cooperation and exchanged views on other issues.

Zhao Dong: 2 years from now, bitcoin only buy not sell, buy more or more

The field of blockchain early investor Zhao Dongjin micro-blog said: now, I began to persuade people to buy bitcoins, more when others don’t want, the more is a good investment opportunity, just need a little patience. My advice is: 2 years from now, bitcoin only buy not sell, buy more or more.

Jingdong and Suqian city to carry out the business license Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chain Project

Recently, the Jingdong blockchain application development manager Zhang Wei in the blockchain summit said that the Jingdong and the Suqian municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau is a business license on the chain project.

He said the Jingdong when the business platform, because many businesses, the business license, the business information are now through manual check, but it takes a lot of human resources, in fact, these data can be through the system, the computer can automatically complete.

So we do this thing will save their human resources, reduce the cost of our own.

Bitcoin repeatedly fell breakdown mill cost, the existing field winding

On the afternoon of 20 bitcoin price breakdown $4300 defense, RMB price is below 30000 yuan.

The successive decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost distribution in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other parts of the domestic small and medium-sized mines, in the currency price continued to decline, but its secondary winding has been sold.

A year ago the price of up to twenty-one thousand units of the vehicle, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan. Similar, and the liquidation of the mine in November 20th, there is a hosting platform also issued a liquidation announcement.

Block chain into the hardest hit by hackers, the industry is expected to introduce safety standards

National Internet Emergency Center for Internet financial supervision special technical support group leader Wu Zhen said, in addition to the current digital currency trading losses caused by social events, block, interception, mining, private key code vulnerabilities, steal technology risk is more obvious.

At present, the “safe technical requirements” blockchain platform industry standards are being established and drafting. The standard will clear the main threats and Security Architecture Facing block chain platform, the key module proposed safety requirements, to block the chain platform provides the foundation and guarantee the safe and steady operation.

Bakkt bitcoin futures postponed to January 24th next year

American Intercontinental Exchange in a new notice said, will launch the Bakkt bitcoin daily futures contract in January 24, 2019, the original expected release date is December 12th.

ICE said the new date is subject to regulatory approval, which indicates that the platform may not obtain such approval.

Yuan Xilong: I hope to build Jeju Island into the blockchain SAR

At the Boao forum for Asia Conference in Seoul, South Korea Jeju special autonomous Road, governor Yuan Xilong said that Jeju Island has developed a strategy for the future development of the low carbon policy and block chain.

He believes that the new technique of artificial intelligence data, cloud computing, block chain, is not independent of the technology, if these technologies together, will play a positive role in society, which can be applied to the industry, will produce a disruptive innovation.

Yuan Xilong also said that Jeju Island hopes to build a block chain zone.

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